Join us for our Fall Cleanse 2015!

What makes our Fall Cleanse unique is that it is simple, easy to follow, and will be tailored to each individual participant. It begins with a 30 minute “Pre-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” with Dr. Elise Schroeder, scheduled at your convenience before your cleanse start date. Then you will join other participants in a cleanse class here at Blossom where you will learn the ins and outs of the plan. You will leave motivated and ready for your two-week adventure.

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During the cleanse, you are welcome to utilize the services we provide at the clinic including acupuncture, massage and Ayurvedic acupressure (Marma therapy)- all with an exclusive 20% discount. The cleanse is finalized with a 30 minute “Post-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” with Dr. Elise where she will set a plan for maintaining the benefits you gain from the cleanse.

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