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We are a natural health clinic with HEART specializing in Women's Health. We have a special focus on fertility and pregnancy and have helped thousands of families in the Pacific NW. We offer free 15-minute phone consultations- always have and always will. Liz Richards, L.Ac., Blossom's owner and acupuncturist, has helped families trying to conceive and has supported women through pregnancy since 2002. Morgan Hogue, L.Ac. has specialized training in the areas of fertility, pregnancy care, women's health, and Mayan Abdominal Massage since 2006. Lisa Hulick, LMT is a former labor doula and has practiced massage therapy for 20 years. Please welcome our new practitioners: Dr. Lakota Scott, Dr. Renée Shankar, and Larisa Boyd!


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Fertility Goals 2021

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Cupping : What is it and how does it work?

Well, it happened again.  Olympic swimmers adorned with purple and red circular marks across their muscular physiques dove into Olympic pools and the term ‘cupping’ splashed across our news feed.  The first time this happened was in the 2016 Olympics…


Ten Ways to Support Someone Dealing with Infertility

Do you know someone who is going through infertility? Do you want to know how best to support them? We asked Anne Dolan, LCSW, for her advice on how to support someone going through infertility and this is what she…

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Check out these Promo Codes for Health Related Businesses

Please enjoy these exclusive promo codes for health-related businesses.    EverlyWell Home Test Kits Use this link for 15% off   Fellow Home Sperm Analysis Use promo code BLOSSOM for $20 0ff   Modern Fertility Home Test Kits Use this…

fertility goals

Fertility Goals: Prepare for your fertility in 2021!

We know a lot of you are working from home and overall just very home-centered. If you’re thinking about trying to get pregnant in the future or you’ve already begun, Fertility Goals is for you.   Do you have questions…

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