Our goal at Blossom Clinic is to help you get pregnant and have a healthy baby. But we’re also here for you after you give birth! We are thrilled to offer Postpartum Acupuncture. In Chinese Medicine we say how a woman treats her body in the first 30 days post-birth can affect her health for the rest of her life. We use Postpartum Acupuncture and Moxa to strengthen the new mother’s qi.

During pregnancy, a woman is giving her resources to her growing child. Then the reserves of qi (lifeforce) and blood are further expended during childbirth. From a Chinese perspective, because her body has been taxed and emptied through the birthing process a new mother is more vulnerable to wind, cold, or damp invasions. On the positive side, it is a prime time to rebuild and presents an opportunity to reset her constitution if she takes care to nurture herself along with her new child.

Postpartum treatment focuses on warming and “tonifying” the new mother.  Think of it as relighting the pilot light. The optimal time to start reintroducing heat is five to seven days after birth as long as there is no infection.  In many cultures, warming techniques are used as routine care after birth.  This may include hot stones, water bottles, warm oils, or fires.

In Chinese Medicine, moxa, also known as mugwort, is burned above the belly and low back to reintroduce substance into the lower abdomen.  Moxa is very strengthening as it has the ability to reach into all the acupuncture channels and meridians.

We do a special therapy called “Mother Warming” which utilizes acupuncture and an herb called moxibustion. We can also provide lactation support post-birth.

  • Acute Breastfeeding Issues: Let-Down & Mastitis
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • C- Section Recovery
  • Mother Warming
  • Pelvic Floor Issues / Urinary Incontinence

postpartum acupunctureRenée Shankar is available for Postpartum visits. Schedule here.