Summer MediClear Cleanse

May 26

The MediClear Cleanse is user friendly.  In this cleanse, you eliminate foods that are commonly allergenic or inflammatory for 15 days.  The MediClear powder supplements the cleanse; it is high in protein and antioxidants which assist your liver and cells in detoxification while providing nutrients to rebuild health cells and tissue.  When you eliminate high allergen and inflammatory foods it gives your organs a chance to eliminate additional waste, rest and reset themselves.  Usually people feel more energetic on the Mediclear cleanse, but you may also experience fatigue or headaches.  This is most likely to occur in the first 3 days as your body adjusts and detoxifies.  Your health practitioner can support you through your cleanse.  It is also a great idea to have a friend join you for the extra support.

While on the 15 day cleanse, please enjoy 10% off services including: a private nutrition session, an acupuncture session and/or a relaxation massage at Blossom Clinic.

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