Join us for our Fall Cleanse 2015!

Aug 31

What makes our Fall Cleanse unique is that it is simple, easy to follow, and will be tailored to each individual participant. It begins with a 30 minute “Pre-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” with Dr. Elise Schroeder, scheduled at your convenience before your cleanse start date. Then you will join other participants in a cleanse class here at Blossom where you will learn the ins and outs of the plan. You will leave motivated and ready for your two-week adventure.

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During the cleanse, you are welcome to utilize the services we provide at the clinic including acupuncture, massage and Ayurvedic acupressure (Marma therapy)- all with an exclusive 20% discount. The cleanse is finalized with a 30 minute “Post-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” with Dr. Elise where she will set a plan for maintaining the benefits you gain from the cleanse.

Fall Cleanse 2015 Portland

All of us here at Blossom Clinic are gearing up for our annual Fall Cleanse. I don’t know about you, but after my routine-less summer with the kids, I am ready to make some behavioral changes that will make me feel lighter and more vital. Throughout the two week cleanse we will be posting recipes and connecting in a private facebook group. I love doing cleanses at the change of the season and I hope you will join us! –Liz Richards, Clinic Director


What is a cleanse?

Blossom’s two-week Fall Cleanse is an elimination plan, not a fast, and includes 3 meals per day.  During an elimination plan, foods that may cause sensitivities are eliminated, giving the digestive system a chance to rest and the body a chance to renew. Most people report feeling energized, having fewer cravings, and an overall sense of increased vitality following a cleanse.

What does the Fall Cleanse cost and what does it include?

The cost of the two-week cleanse is $250-330, which includes a free class, 2 sessions with Dr. Elise, private facebook group support, and your customized supplements, including a (yummy) protein powder for smoothies. 

In addition, select services at Blossom Clinic will be offered at a 20% discount during the cleanse. So if you want to receive acupuncture, for example, the cost will be $68 for an hour.

During the Cleanse Class, you will receive a special gift from us and some coupons for cleanse-friendly local businesses like Loyly.

When does the Fall Cleanse begin?

The start date for your cleanse is flexible and can be anytime before or after Sept 23rd.  We have openings for Dr. Elise’s “Pre-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” this week and next week if you want to start early. 

When should I receive acupuncture, Marma Therapy or massage?

If you choose to include any extra services (with a 20% discount) during your two-week cleanse experience, it is recommended that you have your first acupuncture appointment during the first 4 days of your cleanse to help with detoxification process and your 2nd session during week 2. Marma Therapy or massage is a great gift to yourself at anytime.

Space is limited to 12 participants and we expect the program to fill quickly.

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