Liz Richards, L.Ac.

Clinic Director & Acupuncturist

Congrats to Liz on her Top Docs nomination for the 9th year in a row! Liz Richards has 20 years of practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine and working with fertility and pregnant patients in Portland. Her passion and drive for excellent holistic care motivated her to create Blossom Clinic, where patients can work with a collaborative team to meet their health goals.

Known not only for her compassion and sensitivity but also for her expertise in the world of women’s health, Liz Richards approaches her work as a true art, infusing the poetry of acupuncture into her sessions — yet with a keen understanding of any concurrent Western treatments and diagnoses.

By deeply listening to each patient’s story, Liz carefully crafts a treatment approach that’s designed for that unique individual and their unique path. Her blended knowledge of Western and Chinese Medicine allows her to draw from a vast depth of experience when
creating her treatment sessions and treatment plans for people.

Liz Richards is thrilled and honored to be voted one of Portland’s Top Acupuncturists in Portland Monthly’s Top Docs for the last eight years! Liz is a member of RESOLVE National Infertility Association and the National Association of Reproductive Medicine. Liz is also on the Acupuncture Team at Oregon Reproductive Medicine. She is licensed in the states of Oregon and California.

When not practicing acupuncture, Liz cherishes her other roles as a mama of two boys, pet-owner, and a Pacific Northwesterner. You may also find her on the dance floor, in the yoga studio, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen!

To schedule with Liz, follow this link.