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Blossom Welcomes Jennie King, L.Ac. LMT

The newest addition to our amazing team of practitioners is Jennie King, L.Ac, LMT.  She has a global approach to her acupuncture and incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Meridian Therapy into her treatments.  Jennie also draws from her decade of bodywork experience to enhance each session and to further connect with her patients.

Here are some recent testimonials for Jennie’s work:

“Jennie is an acupuncturist with a rare combination of intelligence, sensitivity and skill. I had the pleasure of working with Jennie at our clinic in Nepal and I was very impressed by her endless dedication to her patient’s well-being. Constantly reflecting upon and improving her understanding of her patient’s condition, she carefully crafted powerful and effective treatments for them.  Her kindness and focused attention on each individual person inspired our entire team of practitioners and interpreters to ever increasing heights of effectiveness. In short, Jennie gets great results because she has an extraordinary capacity to care about people and the patience and wisdom to put that compassion into each and every treatment.”

-Andrew Schlabach LAc, President, Acupuncture Relief Project

Jennie King is one of the rare individuals who approaches her practice with mindfulness, compassion and a genuine call to heal.  I first saw Jennie for massage, as I was having continuous neck and stress related back issues.  As my treatments continued and expanded into acupuncture, our sessions became more about a holistic approach to treating me physically and emotionally.   She has an incredible understanding of the body and is really able to provide an individualized approach to each need and concern.   There are moments during my treatments where I am absolutely amazed at how accurately she is able to locate and address my issues.  Jennie is tuned in to the emotional aspect of healing, and is a committed listener who truly cares about her patients and their well-being. I have now been seeing Jennie for over a year and a half and she has not only be an amazing healer, but a friend and confidant.  She is such a joy to see, always with a smile, gentle hands and an intentional approach.  Jennie is the first and only person I recommend.  I intend to be both a patient and friend for years to come.

-K. T.

I’ve had the pleasure of being a client of Jennie King’s for the last 9 ½ years.  She’s performed massage therapy, acupuncture, shiatsu, and cupping on me.  Jennie’s extensive knowledge of the physical body is only one of her many assets.  She is the most well rounded and balanced person I have ever known.  Jennie is in tune with the body, soul, and mind.  Not only has she helped me physically, but she also factors in my mental and emotional states and provides guidance and treatment based on the entire being.  I have recommended several people to her including my husband, who is also a regular client of hers, as well as my mother, daughter, sister, and friends.  Jennie has proven to be a trusted resource for any of the ailments that I have encountered.  I not only trust her with my physical state, but also my mental well being.  I would recommend her to anyone who is in need of physical, emotional, or mental encouragement in their life.