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Nourishing Fertility: An A-to-Z Guide is our fertility tips guide. To purchase the 37 page e-book, head on over to our store. The downloadable file will be emailed to you upon completed purchase.

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If you are looking for advice on how to prepare your body for pregnancy or how to enhance your fertility, this guide is for you. I have included my best tips from over a decade of treating patients at Blossom Clinic. I encourage you to read one section each day and spend a few minutes reflecting on what you’ve read. I’ve included links for further reading within this e-book if you feel inclined.

It is really important to me when working with my patients that people are not overwhelmed with too many fertility tips all at once. Often fertility patients take a very “yang” or active approach to infertility. I notice this reflected in the titles of blog posts and books, where they use strong words like “conquering”, “fighting”, “chasing”, and “challenge”. Patients make great efforts to go on certain diets, remove certain foods from their lives, and scour the Internet for that one herb that will “fix” everything, all the while depriving themselves of nurturance and connection: the “yin”. Sound familiar? You will see a common thread in this little e-book and that is one of nurturance.

Even if you feel like you have tried everything, I hope you will find some resolution in this book of fertility tips. That is my greatest intention for you. And please, if it overwhelms you, take a few days or longer to reflect on each section. We are told too often in our lives that we should try this or that, and that we are not enough. That thinking has no place here.

“You are not your ability to reproduce or conceive.” – Amy, TTC 18 months, Portland, OR

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