Summer MediClear Cleanse

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H1N1 Vaccine and Pregnancy

Vaccine-APAbout a month ago, I read that some of the H1N1 vaccine will have thimerosal (a mercury-containing organic compound).  I know many of you have concerns about giving this vaccine to your children or yourself during pregnancy so I have posted a webcast that will answer your questions about this (thank you Elizabeth for finding this for me).

Click HERE for the link.  It is an hour long video and the thimerosal question is presented at 50:34.  Supposedly there are three types of packaging that the vaccine will come in.  The single dose vials (and pre-loaded syringes) will not contain thimerosal and those will be “preferentially directed” to pregnant women and children.  The 10 dose vials will contain thimerosal.

I hope this helps you.


Chinese Medicine & Swine Flu Prevention: Herbs

Vaccine-APOne million people have been infected and nearly 500 people have died from the swine flu so far in the United States.  Children and the elderly are most at risk for the flu this coming Fall and Winter.  Unfortunately, half of the H1N1 vaccinations available contain a mercury derivative (thimerosal) leaving some parents wondering  whether they should risk vaccinating their young children.  Also, the H1N1 vaccine might not be available to everyone, with pregnant women, elderly and children among the prioritized recipients (and it will not be available until October 2009).

Not only is the flu dangerous, but it is also extremely inconvenient and uncomfortable.  As a natural health care provider, it makes complete sense to provide immune strengthening herbs before the flu season arrives.  These herbs nourish the body, enhance resistance, and are anti-viral in nature.

I have personally researched these herbs, known in China and the US to prevent infection, and have created three herbal formulas which will be available throughout the US and can be shipped directly to your home.  The herbs are available in capsule, powder or liquid form.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact me for a phone consultation.


Liz Richards, L.Ac.