Portland Monthly Top Docs 2017 : Congratulations Liz Richards


Over 13,000 medical professionals voted for Portland Monthly Top Docs this year. We would like to congratulate Blossom Clinic owner and acupuncturist, Liz Richards, on her nomination for the third year in a row. In practice since 2002, Liz is known for her compassionate and process-oriented approach. She specializes in fertility and pregnancy and has helped hundreds of families have healthy babies.

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Please Welcome Blossom Clinic Acupuncturist, Janene Mitchell, L.Ac.


Please welcome our newest acupuncturist, Janene Mitchell, L.Ac! In practice since 2001, Janene Mitchell is new to Blossom Clinic but not to the practice of acupuncture. She comes to us from L.A., where she had a busy practice treating a wide range of conditions including fertility as a Board certified acupuncturist through ABORM. Janene will be seeing patients at Blossom Clinic on Tuesdays 10:30am-7pm and 10am-7pm on Saturdays.

Schedule online or contact us. 

blossom clinic acupuncturist Janene Mitchell acupuncture portlandJanene’s early interest in women’s health drew her to specialty training in fertility and pregnancy care. With a background in music, dance and energetic bodywork she developed a sensitive, intuitive approach.  Janene loves treating women in all stages of their lives – from the fertile years through pregnancies, menopause and beyond.  She also finds it extremely rewarding helping men and women who are having difficulty conceiving.



“I use an integrative approach, combining eastern and western therapies – acupuncture, herbal medicine, aromatherapy & massage with nutritional supplements, diet and exercise.  How we nourish ourselves is of great importance!

And hidden issues like vitamin deficiencies, gluten intolerance, unhealthy intestinal flora or auto-immune responses may need to be addressed to bring your body back into balance.

I’ve worked with many men and women, helping them create families through natural conceptions or assisted reproductive cycles – providing acupuncture to prepare for IUI or IVF procedures as well as on the day of embryo transfer.  Including the wisdom of Chinese Medicine can improve your chances of having a healthy baby – we’ll work together to discover how your diet and lifestyle choices are impacting your fertility.”

Janene has more than a decade of experience working with essential oils and includes them in her treatments for their deeply calming and rejuvenating actions, especially their ability to address emotional as well as physical issues.  She is also a certified Chi Nei Tsang practitioner and uses this type of abdominal massage to help regulate menses, improve digestion & elimination, and increase pelvic blood flow.

In over 15 years of practice she has treated a wide range of conditions. Janene works closely with western providers to ensure her patients have the best possible care.  She graduated with highest honors from Yo San University, Los Angeles, CA in 2001 with a Master’s Degree in Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  She is licensed in both Oregon and California as an acupuncturist and herbalist.  Board certified in the treatment of infertility since 2009, Janene is a fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) and a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).


Watch this Video to Learn More About Blossom Clinic


Curious about what we do here at Blossom Clinic? We’ve created this video to introduce you to some of our practitioners and services. Thanks for watching!


Ovarian Reserve Explained: FSH, AMH & Clomid Challenge


ovarian reserve tests Blood tests can be used to assess how many eggs are left in the ovary (also called ovarian reserve). The tests include Day 3 Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), a clomiphene challenge test (CCT), and Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH). These are strong predictors of how well your body will respond to fertility drugs. The results of these blood tests, along with the resting follicle count (also called the antral follicle count), are the most conclusive tests of ovarian reserve. Continue reading


5 Yoga Poses to Enhance your Fertility


This post is by guest blogger Lynn Jensen, E-RYT, RPYT, MBA, co-author of Yoga for Fertility: A Journey to Health and Healing. These poses are also in Nourishing Fertility: An A-to-Z Guide.

Yoga for Fertility 5 poses If you are trying to conceive, yoga can help support fertility, and ease the path to parenthood. I developed my Yoga for Fertility program in Seattle in 2002, as a long-time yoga practitioner and teacher who had dealt with personal fertility challenges over several years. More recently, I co-authored a book called Yoga and Fertility, A Journey to Health and Healing. Below, I suggest a few simple but powerful poses from the book that anyone can do at home.

Yoga poses, as well as breathing and meditation techniques, have multiple benefits for supporting fertility:

  • increases blood flow to the reproductive organs;
  • calms the central nervous system;
  • reduces stress hormone levels in the bloodstream which have been shown to have a negative effect on fertility. Also, the calming effect of the poses and breathing and meditation techniques can be very helpful in dealing with the emotional ups and downs of trying to conceive.

The yoga routines offered in the book are organized around the menstrual cycle. There are poses that I recommend doing in the first half of the cycle, prior to ovulation, which will bring more blood flow and energy to the ovaries. In the latter half of the cycle, post-ovulation, it’s best to perform poses that are more supportive and less stimulating in order to support the uterine lining as well as aid in conception and implantation. Many poses are helpful throughout the cycle. The following poses can be done at any time during your cycle. Continue reading


5 Foods for the 2 Week Wait


nutrition for fertilityIf you are trying to conceive, you probably know all about the 2 Week Wait. It is the time period between ovulation and the date that you find out if you are pregnant and it is often filled with worry. In my Nourishing Fertility e-book, I talk about “adding in” foods that are nurturing and good for you. Here is a little list of great foods for the second half of your cycle. Continue reading


IVF Tips for Patients: Top Ten Things to Do


Liz Richards, L.Ac., MAcOM has been treating fertility patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portland, OR since 2002.  Here are ten IVF tips based on her clinical experience with patients receiving acupuncture at Blossom Clinic while undergoing IVF at Oregon Reproductive Medicine

acupuncture portland oregon1. Begin acupuncture treatments right away:

As a general rule, the way you treat your body three months prior to trying to conceive is more important than anything you can do right now to boost your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. This has been a clinical observation of mine for years, and I am lucky enough to have colleagues who are now documenting this statistically with clinical research.

Most of our patients visit us weekly, and as they reach their goals, the visits taper down. We recommend a minimum of three menstrual cycles of treatment for both women’s and men’s fertility support.

To find the practitioner that is right for you, here are some things to look for in a fertility acupuncturist: Continue reading


Pineapple and IVF Success- It’s all about Embryo Implantation


Pineapple and IVF Success- It’s all about Embryo Implantation

Pineapple and IVF and embryo implantation

Have you ever heard of eating pineapple to aid embryo implantation? Dr. Elise Schroeder did some medical super sleuthing and came up with a few logical and plausible explanations for pineapple’s role in conception.

If you are reading fertility blogs or talking with other women going through IVF, you have probably heard of the pineapple trick. The idea is to eat a whole pineapple, including the core, before and after the day of implantation. OK, sounds good, and couldn’t really hurt, but as usual I am asking the questions:

“What’s the mechanism?”  and “How does that work?” Continue reading


Moxa for Breech Presentation


moxa breech Moxa for Breech Presentation?

I often get calls from pregnant patients who need help turning their breech babies into a better position for labor and delivery. Chinese Medicine works beautifully in many of these patients.  I always work closely with their midwife or doctor and make sure that the position of the baby will be monitored regularly to ensure that the baby has been turned to the cephalic position (head down).  Once the baby turns into the vertex position, the patient is instructed to discontinue the moxibustion (moxa) treatment. Continue reading


Job Opportunities : Blossom Clinic

job opportunities Naturopathic Doctor Massage Therapist job opening portland oregon Blossom Clinic is a well established natural health clinic in Portland, Oregon that specializes in Women’s Health, fertility and pregnancy. We currently have two job opportunities: We are looking for a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

We are in need of dynamic team members who are comfortable working with multiple modalities. Blossom Clinic currently has two acupuncturists and one massage therapist. These job opportunities are high referral positions. We are currently turning patients away for Naturopathic care and massage.

ND Position: The ideal ND candidate will be available a minimum of 2 days per week. Primary job responsibilities include ordering labs, analyzing hormones, dispensing appropriate herbs/ supplements, and offering nutrition advice to our primarily female patients. You must be able to collaborate with practitioners of multiple modalities.

LMT Position: The ideal LMT will be available a minimum of 2 days per week. Practitioner must be experienced in pregnancy massage. Fertility or Mayan Abdominal Massage skills are a plus.

Blossom Clinic currently has two Job Opportunities for a Naturopathic Doctor and a Massage Therapist

Blossom Clinic currently has job opportunities for a Naturopathic Doctor and a Massage Therapist.

We currently have a lot of hours available in our larger treatment room with natural light.

Available times and days to choose from:

Mondays 8am-8pm
Tuesdays 8am-8pm
Wednesdays 8am-12:30pm
Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-8pm
Sunday 8am-12:30pm

There are multiple way we can structure this with you being an independent contractor at Blossom. The options will depend on whether you are currently on insurance panels and doing independent billing. Blossom Clinic is a fee-for-service clinic.

Please send résumé and cover letter to theblossomclinic@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!


Portland Massage Discount: $20 OFF

Portland Massage Discount: $20 off!

Living and practicing in New York City since 2003, Lisa Hulick has now returned to her second home of Portland to continue offering massage and doula services in Portland.

Portland Massage discount

Click here to schedule your first massage with Lisa Hulick at Blossom Clinic and get $20 off!

She began practicing massage in 1999 after completing her training at the Oregon School of Massage while finishing her undergraduate studies at Lewis and Clark College.

In 2003, she moved back to NYC to be close to her family, help care for her newest nephew and attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2005, she spent 6 months in Pune, India apprenticing with an Ayurvedic doctor, learning traditional therapeutic massage. Upon her return, she completed a 300-hour yoga teacher training with Kelly Morris and several years of Tibetan Buddhist studies with the Yoga Studies Institute, going on to teach yoga, meditation and Buddhist philosophy in some of the most beautiful and respected yoga studios in NYC and Brooklyn. She completed prenatal teacher trainings through Ma Yoga and PURE and went on to create her own prenatal teacher training program for the Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training.

In 2013, she Founded MOM by LJ, a boutique doula practice providing pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum care, combining her passion for prenatal care, yoga, massage and nutrition.

She is known for her caring, grounded touch and support and is thrilled to be joining the team at Blossom.


Raphael House Fundraiser

Blossom Clinic Raphael House Fundraiser Portland

As a natural health clinic for women, Blossom Clinic practitioners support the health of women, their families and the overall well-being of their children. This is why we’ve decided to raise money for Raphael House, Multnomah County’s largest domestic violence non-profit. Our goal is to raise $2000. This amount would provide the down payment for an apartment and transition costs from the shelter back into a more permanent housing situation. For women and children who have suffered from domestic violence, safe nights are priceless.

There are three ways we are raising money for Raphael House:

  • 3% of all sales in April will be donated to RH. Just by coming into Blossom for treatments, you will be supporting our efforts.

  • We will be asking patients if they would like to donate an additional amount at check-out. There will be cards on the table to bring to the front desk if you would like to opt in!

  • You can donate online here and mention “Blossom Clinic” in the “How did you hear about Raphael House?” section.

Raphael House Fundraiser

We hope you will join us. Please find additional resources on the coffee table at Blossom.

Liz Richards




Intimacy and Infertility

Intimacy Infertility An article in the New York Times displayed some grim statistics about sex and marriage. According the author’s analysis of Google searches, “sexless marriage” is at the top of the list for searches on the topic of marriage. Anyone who has been married for a while knows that we can so easily forgot how great sex, and particularly intimacy, can be for every part of our being. If you are trying to conceive or dealing with infertility, the stress around sex and the lack of intimacy can be devastating.

Most of my patients at Blossom Clinic are trying to conceive and have been for a while. If you’ve been struggling with infertility you’ve probably noticed that sex has become noticeably un-sexy. Agree?

Relationships without intimacy will crush our spirit and sense of unity, so it becomes vitally important for those trying to conceive to cultivate intimacy without the expectation of sex attached to it. This can mean different things to different people.

Setting aside 10-30 minutes each day engaging in intimate acts is a great place to start if intimacy has fizzled in your relationship or you are experiencing stress from infertility. Remember, the way I am defining intimacy here, intimate acts do not need to include sex or the expectation of sex. Intimacy means different things to different people and discussing what intimacy means to each of you is probably a good place to start.

Continue reading


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During the month of January, Liz Richards will be posting a fertility tip a day on Instagram. Join us there! Blossom Clinic Portland Oregon Acupuncture

During the month of January, Liz Richards will be posting a fertility tip a day on Instagram. Click this image and join us there!


Portland Monthly Top Docs 2016- Congratulations Liz Richards & Lori Reising

Liz Richards Acupuncture Blossom Clinic Portland Top Docs Portland Monthly 2015 2016

Blossom Clinic owner and acupuncturist, Liz Richards, has been peer nominated as one of Portland Monthly’s TOP DOCS for 2016 in the Acupuncture category. Congratulations Liz!

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