Acupuncture Reviews for Blossom Clinic in Portland, OR

Apr 23

Acupuncture Reviews for Blossom Clinic

Fertility Enhancement:

Just What we needed!!!. My wife and I had been trying for some time to get pregnant to no avail. We decided to look into the Acupuncture route for increased fertility, At a friends suggestion (who had enjoyed success using their service ) we went to Blossom. Today we heard our soon to be babies heartbeat for the first time!! Our experience at Blossom was professional , pleasant and informative , and most important of all SUCESSFUL!! Big Thanks to all the staff at Blossom! CM

Acupuncture reviews blossom clinic portland oregon Miscarriage, Pregnancy and Labor Support:

Great Fertility Health Support and Care. I’ve been seeing Liz Richards at Blossom Clinic since spring 2009. After a having some pregnancy losses at 37 years of age, I really wanted the assistance of Chinese Medicine to enhance my chances of a healthy, viable pregnancy. I tried a few other practitioners but they did not specialize in women’s health and fertility. Luckily I found Blossom Clinic. Within a few months of starting care with Liz I was pregnant and made it through the first trimester without any difficulty. My second trimester was easy and I needed only the support of a great massage by Lori Reising, LMT at Blossom Clinic. With the onset of the discomforts of the third trimester I came back to Liz and have been seeing her since. We are now past our due date and working on enticing our baby out with the help of Liz and Lori. I’m sure with their expertise we will end our fertility story with the beautiful, healthy homebirth that we desire. ESW

PCOS, hormonal imbalance and the Naturopathic Doctor at Blossom:

As cliche as it may sound, Dr. Elise and Blossom Clinic have changed my life. I’ve had a variety of hard to treat health issues and I had long given up hope that I could have vibrant health. PCOS and a constellation of related issues led to fertility problems and general poor health. After a year of treatment with Dr. Elise, I have energy again, my cycle is almost regulated (after two decades of unpredictability!) and I’m 80 pounds lighter. Dr. Elise took the time to really listen and create an individualized treatment plan. It shows that she truly cares about her patients’ wellbeing and she has always taken the time to explain the science behind her nutritional guidance and treatments. She knows her stuff when it comes to hormonal and gut issues and I cannot recommend her highly enough! I also saw Liz for acupuncture today for the first time. She has such a welcoming and calming style! The clinic offers a range of nutritional and herbal supplements, but I’ve never felt pressured to purchase them in-house though I’ve always been pleased with the quality and price. Really, can’t say enough about Blossom! -NB

Female and Male Infertility support during IVF:

Wonderfully caring and supportive. Liz has been great in working with both my husband and I as we went through fertility treatment. After 3 unsuccessful IUIs, we started our first IVF cycle, and began seeing Liz, just prior to the IVF. We were able to successfully conceive and are now awaiting the arrival of our twins this summer. Liz has been very helpful and has provided great insight into issues that have come up along the way. We feel very lucky to have come this far and have to give credit to Liz for her services. I continue to see Liz during my pregnancy and look forward to the comfort and knowledge provided at each session. ML

Acupuncture and Massage for Infertility and Pregnancy:

Wonderful infertility and pregnancy support in Portland, OR. I wanted to recommend both Liz and Lori with whom I had weekly appointments for about three months prior to going through my first round of IVF. I had been diagnosed with endometriosis and thus was having difficulty in becoming pregnant. I went through five cycles of IUI of which none took. I began seeing a new fertility specialist who recommended Blossom Clinic’s services, specifically acupuncture and massage. Both Liz and Lori came very highly recommended. I found both women to be extremely caring, warm and professional. I successfully conceived and delivered a healthy baby boy as a result of my first IVF cycle and I attribute that success to the talent of my reproductive specialist and the highly qualified staff at Blossom Clinic.

I also wanted to add that i am now expecting my second child, whom I was able to conceive naturally. I believe that Liz and Lori have exceptional talents and I truly believe that their treatment helped alleviate my infertility challenges I faced for so many years. Thank you both for your terrific clinic and services.

Pre-conception care and pregnancy support:

I had been trying for several months to get pregnant. After just 6 weeks of weekly acupuncture treatments with Liz it happened! During my pregnancy I have been seeing both Liz and Jennie monthly for pregnancy support and I feel great! They are thorough, supportive and professional. As a healthcare professional myself I appreciate their bedside manners and obvious thorough knowledge of women’s health and fertility. I would urge any woman who is considering pregnancy to have a consult with one of them.

Free consultations and pregnancy success!

 A great experience. I was just starting the process of trying to have a baby in June and a friend recommended I try acupuncture. I contacted Liz and after an initial consultation I felt like working with Liz would be a good fit. And my instincts were right – Liz is a great resource, a wonderful sounding board and a great person to have in your corner. Months later, I’m now half way through my pregnancy and I still continue to see Liz for treatments. 

Fertility help and first-trimester nausea support:

Great experience! I can’t say enough good things about Liz. I found her clinic through city search and immediately set up an appointment. The first visit was very detailed and she listened to all my concerns. Since that first visit, I’ve been seeing her for about four months and her sessions have helped me out tremendously. I saw her pre-pregnancy to help me get pregnant (and I attribute my getting pregnant to acupuncture as well as other medical factors) and I’m now seeing her to help me with nausea during my first trimester. Her sessions ward off nausea for three days, which has been a God send considering I’m throwing up morning and night. In addition to pregnancy related points, Liz has also helped me with digestion.

Her office is great, too. Molly sets up appointments easily and is quick to reschedule me when I have a conflict.

Perhaps most important is feeling taken care of and being listened to when I go for my appointment. Liz never pushes herbs and if she has recommendations, she suggests Whole Foods products. This is different from the naturopaths I’ve worked with, who always wanted me to buy products from them.

All in all, I’m so happy I found Liz and Blossom clinic. They’ve been a great source of support and comfort and I honestly think that Liz’s sessions have helped me so much physically and emotionally.

IVF Support with Dr. Hesla at Oregon Reproductive Medicine

I started seeing Liz last fall after trying to conceive for quite some time. We were referred to her by Dr. Hesla at Oregon Reproductive Medicine. We were just starting IVF and Dr. Hesla felt that Liz could help assist in our success. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first, being a Nurse I’m all about the medical field and never envisioned wanting to try acupuncture. After my first few treatments I had a different view on Chinese medicine. Liz was just what I needed; she has a warm welcoming personality. The office has a great atmosphere, the staff is friendly, I couldn’t ask for a better combination. She has followed me through our pregnancy from the beginning of IVF to implantation to just recently for labor prep. I have been completely satisfied with her services and would recommend her to any of my close friends. She is excellent.

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