Spring Cleanse Portland at Blossom Clinic of Portland, OR

Mar 5

It’s that time of year…. Spring Cleanse 2013!

Dr. Elise’s two-week program is simple and easy to follow.  It is not a fast, but an elimination diet, which includes 3 meals a day and is appropriate for omnivores and vegetarians alike.  Participants are fully supported by Dr. Elise with an introductory class* and individual appointments to personalize the experience.


The benefits of the cleanse are many.  There is no better way to shed those extra winter pounds, banish the afternoon energy slump or reduce your susceptibility to spring allergies.

Here ‘s what one person had to say about our fall cleanse:

I really enjoyed the experience as a whole. It was kind of fun to be mindful of what I was eating and to try to break some bad habits at the same time. -MSL

The Spring Cleanse Portland Package includes:

Price for Spring Cleanse Package is $198.00 (a $145 savings).

If you wish, you may add two discounted Acupuncture treatments for an additional $110 (a $60 savings). We can schedule those for you at any time.

Sign up for the Spring Cleanse Class* online here.  You can also purchase the package by clicking here!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr. Elise’s cleanse safe to do while trying to get pregnant?

It’s not only safe, but a great way to prepare the body for healthy pregnancy.

How is this cleanse going to affect my energy level?

Except in the first 2-3 days while the body is eliminating the excesses of our usual diets, cleanse participants report a more balanced energy throughout the day and more energy in general. Unlike some fasts, this cleanse includes three meals a day which works to balance blood sugar.

*If you are not able to attend the introductory class, we can extend your initial office visit to 90 minutes to include explanation.