Mental Health Day: We ALL need one.

Jan 30

Mental Heath DayIt’s so easy to get lost in the daily routine of life as we’re running around from point A to point B and rushing to point C. Doing what we need to do, day after day, as we are  simultaneously trying to knock off things on the never-ending to-do list. Sometimes we just need a break. A mental break. Have you ever thought about taking a mental health day?

Mental Health Days for YOU

Take that sick day you’ve accrued, or one of your personal days that you still haven’t used since you started that job of yours. It’s important to take a time out and rejuvenate the mind. It not only helps and benefits you, but it also benefits those around you. Sometimes other people notice we need a day away from the daily grind before we do. If you get that nudge, take it as a friendly reminder to keep yourself sane.

Mental Health Day for KIDS!

Adults have control over whether or not they take a mental health day, but kids don’t have that luxury.  That’s why it’s important for us as adults to notice when we see our kids’ overloaded minds getting even momental health day for kidsre overworked screaming for a little break. Kids are so busy these days with school, homework, after school activities, over-stimulation coming at them in all different directions. They need a break too! When I was a kid, my parents would let my siblings and I have a mental health day once a month. Sometimes we forgot to use them, sometimes we didn’t really need to use them, sometimes we needed more than one, but just knowing it was there to use was a comfort. It’s nice to have that support from parents when you just need a break from life, especially as a child. By all means, take a mental health day and play hooky together! Catch up on that parent-child bonding time you’ve been meaning to get to but have been too busy to do so. I bet your child would love to go to the zoo or to a movie with you on a school/work day when everyone else is doing what you’re both supposed to be doing.

So use up those mental health days!

Do whatever it is you want to do on that day… relax, spend time with your family or friends, spend time alone, read a book, go see the ocean, go to a movie, or clean the house and catch up on your to-do list if that is what you want to do. Don’t make a plan, just go with the flow. It’s a day where worries shouldn’t invade the mind and stress should be non-existent. The world won’t stop and life will go on tomorrow just as it was yesterday. So indulge, take a deep breath, dive in and enjoy! This day is all about YOU!

Written by Caroline McGrath, MA, NCC, LPCI