Dr. Elise's Naturopathic Fertility Program

Nov 29

Dr. Elise has started a new fertility program which takes a naturopathic approach to achieving conception by personalizing each program to the patient’s particular health needs.

Recent pregnancy research has seen success rates for previously failed IVF couples increase from 17% to 81% after proper nutrition counseling. Another compelling survey, by Foresight, a British fertility group, saw healthy, successful pregnancies, in couples previously considered “infertile”, jump to 81% after a preconception plan that included individualized supplementation of certain vitamins and minerals.

Dr Elise’s fertility plan includes the best of what was learned in these studies and more. When you sign up with Dr Elise, your plan will include a comprehensive medical history, thorough assessment of underlying imbalances, and an individualized treatment plan. Through a step-by-step support and guidance, you will have the tools you need to succeed.

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Or to book your appointments and pay for your package online, please click here and head to the Packages link in the Online Store. You want to start with the “Initial Package” which includes one 90 minute session and two 60 minute sessions at a 25% discount~