Fertility & Infertility Reviews for Blossom Clinic, Portland Oregon

Nov 16

We love it when our patient’s feel inspired to write to us and give us positive feedback.  Here are some comments our patients shared with us recently. For more reviews, click here.

K.H. Portland, OR

I had spoken with several friends that used acupuncture for fertility and thought I would give it a try.  Not remembering the name of the recommendation, I googled acupuncture and fertility and found Blossom Clinic.  I had my initial consultation with Liz and felt completely at ease.  For 1.5 years, I was treated at Blossom with acupuncture, AMMA therapy and massage.  I am so thankful to everyone at Blossom for their encouragement, knowledge and friendship.  I was truly blessed to find such a wonderful group of professionals.  I have a beautiful, happy 5 month old and would recommend Blossom to anyone that is looking to conceive, already pregnant or just wants a fabulous treatment from experienced professionals.   Thank you Liz, Rylen, Tiffany, Molly and Jennie

A. B. Scappoose, OR

I found Blossom Clinic prior to going through a Frozen Embryo Transfer.  My goal was to get my body, mind and spirit as ready as possible for the procedure as I only had one blastocyst to transfer, which gave my something like a 26% chance of success according to my Reproductive Endocrinologist.  I had previously had such a good experience with acupuncture supporting me through and IVF process in the Bay Area.  Liz was actually recommended to me by my acupuncturist in the Bay Area.  I was very impressed with Liz’s knowledge of all things related to women’s heath and fertility issues.  She never seemed rushed during my visits and I always took the time to check in with me and my current concerns.  Her treatments were very relaxing and I always felt great after I left.

I also made an appointment with Rylen to check in on my nutrition in more detail.  Rylen was great as well and I found her suggestions very helpful and easy to implement.  I also made an appointment for Mayan massage prior to my transfer and had a great experience with this too.  I would not hesitate to recommend any of the practitioners I have seen at Blossom and I thank them all for the great care I received.  I am happy to report that the embryo transfer was a success and I now have a happy and healthy baby girl.  Now that my girl is here, I plan to follow up at Blossom to address some postpartum concerns.  The office is beautiful and there are some amazing healers all under one roof.

R.P. Portland, OR

I LOVE Blossom Clinic. From the complementary consultation to the easy way in which Liz and Molly interface with their clients- this is the place to be. Liz is crazy talented and over the moon committed, going above and beyond daily. Molly is professional, efficient and friendly. The space is lovely and calming. And most of all, you’ll get results. Liz really, really cares about her clients. If you are at all searching for stellar care in women’s health, come here. You will not be disappointed.

C.M. Portland, OR

After Googling fertility and acupuncture in the Portland area I was lucky enough to happen upon Blossom’s website.  My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for 1 1/2 years with no luck.  3 months of acupuncture and herbal supplements later and success!  I couldn’t have been happier with Liz, the whole clinic and our experience in general.  Both my husband and I will continue with acupuncture at Blossom to treat anything that may come up in the future.

C.M Portland, OR

My wife and I had been trying for some time to get pregnant to no avail.  We decided to look into the Acupuncture route for increased fertility.  At a friend’s suggestion  (who had enjoyed success using their service ) we went to Blossom.  Today we heard our soon to be babies heartbeat for the first time!!  Our experience at Blossom was professional , pleasant and informative , and most important of all SUCCESSFUL!!  Big Thanks to Liz & Jenny & all the staff at Blossom!

B.S. Portland, OR

I sought out Liz after I was diagnosed with high FSH and told I would very likely never conceive another child. I was told I had a 1% chance of conceiving naturally. After weighing our options, we decided to forgo the medical route, pursue natural alternatives and pray for a miracle. Liz put me on a weekly treatment plan that included acupuncture and herbs. She also counseled me on diet and lifestyle changes to boost nutrition and create a more nurturing environment for conception and also recommended books I should read for additional insight. Along the way, I radically changed my diet and quit a demanding job. Ten months after first contacting Liz, our prayers were answered when I conceived 100% naturally. I’m now in my 4th month. Hope is an essential ingredient, and Liz’s unfailing support always made me feel that this pregnancy was possible.

RandS, Portland, OR

We found Liz through internet and thank God from the bottom of the heart that we found her. We went to see her with no expectations, no judgement but with an open heart and mind. We have been trying for a baby for a long time and she just listened and was so caring, supportive and empathetic.  All you have to do is TRUST and BELIEVE. With the help of both Rylen and Liz, in just 1 month since we started visiting Blossom, my wife was pregnant!!!! She is 17 weeks now and Blossom has been with us all the way through and we know we will continue to have their support all through till the end. For all the couples in the world who are wanting to have a baby and feel lost or tired, just try this wonderful experience into the world of acupuncture and holistic nutrition.  You will be amazed and I am sure, it is a step you will cherish. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND LIZ AND RYLEN. You guys rock Continue the great work of bringing smile and happiness into the lives of people around you. God Bless..