Nurture your Soul this Holiday Season with a class at The Wellspring

Nov 10

Greetings!  It’s November and the holiday season is upon us!

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday of the year.  Good food, good company and time off!  Yet, despite my best efforts, once Thanksgiving is over, time seems to whiz by way too fast rushing head first into the New Year, often leaving me a bit frayed and short on rest.   If you feel the same way, consider joining me this November and December in an “adult” timeout.
This Holiday Season, The Wellspring School for Healing Arts has gathered some fantastic practitioners and educators in the Portland area to offer a series of community classes titled Nurture the Soul.  The classes are held Monday and Wednesday evenings and offer a great variety of self-care, relaxation, energy building, and sanity inducing evenings to help you nurture yourself through the season.  Check them out!
For more info go to our website or reserve your space in a class here!
If you think these classes are a great idea but just don’t have time in your schedule, please forward the information to friends and family!  All are welcome!
On another note, if you are interested in sinking your teeth into a dedicated class on nutrition, consider joining us for our Fundamentals of Healthy Living Class series.  These classes are in an intensive weekend workshop format and are a part of our Wholistic Nutrition Program curriculum.  They can be taken as part of the series or by themselves and they are open to everyone.