Maya Abdominal Massage Portland

Oct 21

Maya Abdominal Massage Portland Blossom Clinic is pleased to announce that we are now offering Arvigo Technique Prenatal Maya Abdominal Massage in addition to the prenatal massage that we currently offer.  In Prenatal Mayan Abdominal Massage Therapy, we focus on preparing your body for labor by strengthening, toning and aligning the uterus, uterine ligaments, and other pelvic organs.

Through studies at the Arvigo Institute, women who received Maya Abdominal Therapy throughout pregnancy, had labors an average of 6 hrs or less with their first baby and 4 hrs or less with their second.  These women also pushed approximately 30 minutes or less on average.  It is believed that the Mayan Massage increases blood flow to the fetus, aligns the uterus for optimal birthing, and improves nerve and blood flow.

In addition to Maya Abdominal Massage, Blossom Clinic also offers Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Asian bodywork and nutritional support in pregnancy.  For more information about this, please click here.