Massage in Portland, Oregon

Apr 12



Blossom Clinic offers multiple types of massage in Portland. Here is a description of each form offered.

AMMA Therapy

This is a specialized form of Asian bodywork therapy that combines a deep circular rhythmic pressure and acu-point stimulation.  The treatment is based on Chinese medical principles for accessing and treating imbalances in the energy system.  Amma  Therapy, like acupuncture, focuses on the balance and movement of Qi (energy) within the body by utilizing the sensitivity and strength of the hands rather than needles.   Amma Therapy can be used on infants to elders for the treatment of many conditions; including autoimmune disorders, women’s disorders, digestive complaints, headaches and more.

Arvigo Technique Maya Abdominal Massage (ATMAM)

This massage is centered on the ancient Mayan techniques, which reposition organs that have dropped and restricted the flow of blood, lymph, nerves & chi energy. Arvigo Techniques seek to restore the body to its natural balance. Maya massage is used to help the body heal from a number of conditions such as painful periods, irregular cycles, endometriosis, miscarriages and a displaced/tilted uterus.

Craniosacral Therapy

A subtle therapy that may facilitate change throughout the areas where the body’s cerebrospinal fluid is limited, confined or immobilized.  This approach enables the body to heal itself through the fluid movement of cranial bones and surrounding fascia and aids relaxation of the central nervous system.

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue massage uses strong pressure to reach below the superficial connective tissue layers to treat chronic pain and/or untreated past injuries. The therapist uses slow deep strokes  and cross fiber friction to break up old adhesions and held structural dsyfunction patterns.  The use of controlled pressure increases nutrients, oxygen and blood flow into the problem areas.  Deep tissue massage may be helpful for reducing pain, increasing range of motion, breaking up scar tissue or adhesions.  It is good for people who have chronic joint or tendon injuries, or chronic muscle strain.

Infant Massage Workshops

Infant massage helps to increase the baby’s immune system, enhances nutrients being absorbed and relieves the discomforts from teething, gas, colic and constipation.  Learning infant massage is a great way to build the bond between parent and baby.  By spending more one on one time with your baby during massage you will be able to recognize your baby’s cues more quickly and effectively.

Myofascial Release Therapy

This is a body-mind-spirit approach for the evaluation and treatment of the bodily structure.  Treatment of the fascial system or connective tissue helps to assist in the release of emotional cellular memory from past traumas; correct postural imbalance; release scar tissue and assist the body in letting go of chronic painful holding patterns. The release of fascia also improves the fluidity of the body and its ability to conduct bio-electricity.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage may help to stabilize hormone levels, reduce edema, increase energy levels, relieve muscle strain, promote relaxation of both mother and baby and allow for greater flexibility during labor.

Swedish Massage

Light to medium pressure massage consisting of five basic strokes.  These techniques encourage heat production, muscle lengthening and relaxation, stimulation of blood flow, stress reduction, increased immune response and other related benefits.