Blossom Clinic Welcomes Lori Reising, BA, LMT

Jul 23

Lori is a passionate massage therapist with a depth of experience in emotional and physical cellular release.  Her path to Blossom Clinic began at the University of Iowa where she earned her BA in Psychology, continuing at East-West College of the Healing Arts in Portland, Oregon earning her certificate in massage therapy.  Lori spent time over the next two years in Hawaii and Arizona working directly with John F. Barnes, world-renowned authority, visionary and author, to become an advanced Myofascial Release practitioner.  She also served as an instructor for the Myofascial Release seminars.

Through personal experience with the trauma of infertility and loss, Lori has developed a mission to help other women on this same journey.  The emotional impact as well as physical trauma can be overwhelming for our body-mind-spirit.  Lori works to release these restrictions and create a flowing environment again.  Combining her years of education and practice she uses Swedish massage, Myofascial Release and Craniosacral Therapy to tailor treatments with each client’s individual needs.  Some of her specialties include scar tissue release/abdominal work, headache treatments, adult and infant Craniosacral Therapy, pregnancy and relaxation massage.

With her belief in an integrative approach to health, Lori is honored to be a part of Blossom Clinic and is excited to work with Liz, Rylen and Blossom’s clientele.  Lori holds a license in massage therapy in Iowa and Oregon.  She is a member of the National Association of MassageTherapists.

Note from Liz Richards, owner of Blossom Clinic: Lori is offering $60 massages during the month of August for first time clients. Please call 503.287.0886 to schedule.