Interview with Liz Richards, Owner of Blossom Clinic, Portland, Oregon

Jul 4

logo 1.5 x 1.75 inches copyWhere did you come up with the name “Blossom”?
The name blossom came to me one night as I was explaining my vision for a clinic to my husband.  It just felt right. I love the idea of something growing and blossoming from the deep ground up.  Every one of us has the potential to be whatever we dream of being.  It is my job to facilitate that growth help people move through change as gracefully as possible. I work hard to set up a good foundation for treatment and then solidify a plan for the future.  It is hard work to break that ground but once that crack is formed, anything is possible.

Blossom also has a special connotation to me personally as a women’s heath practitioner.  Being a woman is all about transformation and growth.  I primarily see patients who are pregnant or trying to conceive. It is an honor to see my female fertility patients get pregnant, bloom into pregnancy, and then grow as a parent.

What types of treatments are offered at Blossom clinic?
Right now Blossom Clinic is providing Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Massage, Amma Therapy (Asian Bodywork), and Nutrition consultations.  It is my goal as owner of Blossom to provide the best care within the context of womens health, reproductive health,  and family healthcare.  Whether you are interested in a relaxing massage of an invigorating one, Blossom can provide that.  Interested in doing a cleanse or learning more about foods that are good for you? We would love to chat with you.

The practitioners at Blossom are some of the best in their fields so when you come here, you know that you will be well taken care of.  Each practitioner at Blossom owns their own business and has their own area of specialty.  Blossom is their umbrella, and we are here to help them with the business ends of things so that they can focus on their patients 100%. We offer free phone or in-house consultations and refer patients regularly if we believe we do not have an acupuncturist, practitioner, or massage therapist who is the right fit for you.

Can you tell us about Blossom Blog?
I love Blossom Blog, partially because  I created it all by myself and it is a creative outlet for me.  It is not perfect but I figure if I can reach just one person a day and help them, then I have done my job.  One of my favorite blogs is one in which I interview a mom who had her twins vaginally.  I have had such great feedback about how this helped people realize that they can establish their birth preferences without going straight towards scheduling a C-section. I personally had a c-section and a vaginal birth, and I know that when it comes to labor and delivery, things do not always go as planned.

My goal is not to tell people what is right and wrong, but to empower people and provide food for thought. I love answering the Frequenly Asked Questions about acupuncture and fertility, and I hope to catch people before they are far on the road of trying to conceive.  I think acupuncture in conjunction Assisted Reproductive Technology and on the day of IVF embryo transfer is also very important