Positive Pregnancy Test!

Apr 30

positive pregnancy testI have been through a lot with my patients.  I have seen the ups and downs of their fertility journeys.  Just this morning I was in tears reading an email from a former patient who finally had a baby through adoption.  Within a 32 hour period, the baby was born to a 17 year old mom, the birth family chose the adoptive family, and they were able to bring their little bundle home!  What great news!

I love getting emails like this from my patients, most of whom have received acupuncture for fertility. Their positive news makes me so happy (imagine me getting up from my computer and dancing a jig)!  Here are some excerpts from recent emails sharing the news.  I have modified them to keep things confidential.

I share this in an attempt to instill hope! This can be you. This WILL be you!

“Izzie”:  “An interesting thing happened this morning… see attached pic.” (the email attachment was the picture to the above!) Positive Pregnancy test!

“Kate”:  “Hi Liz, How are you? I wanted to share my results with you since you have been an important part of my journey to become a mother. I am pregnant! My beta is a solid 338 and my progesterone and estradiol are good as well. Thank you for all your help, I know your treatments were a big part of my success.”

“Amanda”:  “Hi Liz! My PMS symptoms were not PMS symptoms.  I took a test today, and I’m pregnant!  Thanks for all of your help so far.  Now what?  Do I keep coming in for acupuncture?  Do I keep taking the same herbs?  Any other advice?”

“Joanne”:  “Things are good! We are having twins!! We are super excited about it! I can’t wait. We had our first ultrasound on Monday.  We could not be happier with everything! I have been feeling nauseous in the first trimester and tired, but overall good. I am just so happy and excited!! Thanks so much Liz for keeping us in your thoughts. And thank you for being there and doing acupuncture during the embryo transfer.  I hope all is well with you. Take care.”

I wish for you the same feelings as these women above.

All my best,

Liz Richards.