New Patient Special with Liz Richards L.Ac: Receive free prenatal vitamins when you book online!


New Patient Special

During the month of February, new patients of Liz Richards, L.Ac. will receive a free bottle of Thorne Prenatal vitamins!

New Patient Special: During the Month of February, new patients who schedule with Liz will receive a free bottle of Thorne Prenatal Vitamins.

Patients can purchase the package or schedule online here. As always, patients can also give us a call to schedule at 5032870886.



Portland Monthly Top Docs 2018 : Congratulations Liz Richards


Portland Monthly Top Docs 2018: Over 13,000 medical professionals voted for Portland Monthly Top Docs this year. We would like to congratulate Blossom Clinic owner and acupuncturist, Liz Richards, on her nomination for the fourth year in a row. She specializes in fertility and prenatal care and has helped hundreds of families have healthy babies in Portland and surrounding areas.

Portland Monthly Top Docs Acupuncture Liz Richards

Liz Richards, L.Ac., has more than 15 years of practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine and working with fertility and pregnant patients in Portland.  Her passion and drive for excellent, holistic patient care motivated her to create Blossom Clinic, where patients can work with an integrated team to meet their health goals.

Known not only for her compassion and sensitivity, but also for her expertise in the world of women’s health, Liz approaches her work as a true art, infusing the poetry of acupuncture into her sessions — yet with a keen understanding of any concurrent Western treatments and diagnoses.

By deeply listening to each patient’s story, Liz carefully crafts a treatment approach that’s designed for that unique individual and their unique path. Her blended knowledge of Western and Chinese Medicine allows her to draw from a vast depth of experience when creating her treatment sessions and treatment plans for people.

Liz is thrilled and honored to be voted as one of Portland Monthly Top Docs for the last four years in a row!  

Interested in a free phone consult? Find out more information here. 

Portland Monthly Top Docs 2016- Congratulations Liz Richards & Lori Reising

Liz Richards Acupuncture Blossom Clinic Portland Top Docs Portland Monthly 2015 2016

Blossom Clinic owner and acupuncturist, Liz Richards, has been peer nominated as one of Portland Monthly’s TOP DOCS for 2016 in the Acupuncture category. Congratulations Liz!

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Watch this Video to Learn More About Blossom Clinic


Curious about what we do here at Blossom Clinic? We’ve created this video to introduce you to some of our practitioners and services. Thanks for watching!

Discounts and Packages at Blossom Clinic

We hope you’ll take advantage of these packages and discounts at Blossom Clinic. (Purchase them in October and use any time.

Jen Ward, L.Ac. Acupuncturist and Ayurvedic Practitioner Independent Contractor at Blossom Clinic Discounts

Reflect Your Nature: Autumn Special with Jen Ward, L.Ac., Acupuncturist and Ayurvedic Practitioner at Blossom Clinic

Liz Richards, L.Ac. Clinic Director and Acupuncturist Discounts Blossom Clinic

Buy 4 Get 1 FREE Acupuncture Session with Liz Richards, L.Ac., Blossom Clinic Director and Acupuncturist


Join us for our Fall Cleanse 2015!

What makes our Fall Cleanse unique is that it is simple, easy to follow, and will be tailored to each individual participant. It begins with a 30 minute “Pre-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” with Dr. Elise Schroeder, scheduled at your convenience before your cleanse start date. Then you will join other participants in a cleanse class here at Blossom where you will learn the ins and outs of the plan. You will leave motivated and ready for your two-week adventure.

Sign up for the Free Class!

During the cleanse, you are welcome to utilize the services we provide at the clinic including acupuncture, massage and Ayurvedic acupressure (Marma therapy)- all with an exclusive 20% discount. The cleanse is finalized with a 30 minute “Post-Cleanse Naturopathic Session” with Dr. Elise where she will set a plan for maintaining the benefits you gain from the cleanse.

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Want to be part of the Blossom Clinic Team?

Blossom Clinic Team Job Opportunity

Blossom Clinic is seeking one more natural health practitioner to round out our team of excellent clinicians.

Blossom Clinic is looking for one more natural health practitioner to join the Blossom Clinic team. We are open to all modalities, as long as you practice under the Women’s Health specialty.

Are you looking for a joyful work environment where you can make a real difference as an integral member of a team? Are you a passionate person and a self-starter? Do you want to grow your business under the umbrella of a well-established natural health clinic?

Summary: Provides Naturopathic, Chinese Medicine, Massage, Therapy or other services as an independent contractor at a well-known natural healthcare clinic in NE Portland. We are a fee-for-service clinic and do not directly accept insurance. We currently provide acupuncture, herbs, naturopathic medicine, nutrition, and massage.

This is a great opportunity for someone with an established practice who would like a second location OR would like to move their practice to a better location. We treat primarily female clients and have a lot of fertility and pregnant clientele. We want to increase our offerings and have more appointments available for our clients.

Pay: This is an Independent Contractor position with percentage retained based on years of experience.

Hours available: Please email us to find out the hours we have available. Let us know if you would like one or two rooms at a time. Mimimum 20 hours/ week required.

Required: At least five years experience treating patients in your field.

Are you qualified for this position and interested in being part of the Blossom Clinic team? E-mail your resume and a brief cover letter describing your qualifications to

It is highly recommended that you visit our website and blog for more information about our clinic before you get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!

Blossom Clinic is a natural health clinic in Portland Oregon with a focus on Women's Health, Fertility and Pregnancy .

Blossom Clinic is a natural health clinic in Portland Oregon with a focus on Women’s Health, Fertility and Pregnancy. We are seeking one more practitioner to complete our team.

IVF Tips for Patients: Top Ten Things to Do


Liz Richards, L.Ac., MAcOM has been treating fertility patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portland, OR since 2002.  Here are ten IVF tips based on her clinical experience with patients receiving acupuncture at Blossom Clinic while undergoing IVF at Oregon Reproductive Medicine

acupuncture portland oregon1. Begin acupuncture treatments right away:

As a general rule, the way you treat your body three months prior to trying to conceive is more important than anything you can do right now to boost your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. This has been a clinical observation of mine for years, and I am lucky enough to have colleagues who are now documenting this statistically with clinical research.

Most of our patients visit us weekly, and as they reach their goals, the visits taper down. We recommend a minimum of three menstrual cycles of treatment for both women’s and men’s fertility support.

To find the practitioner that is right for you, here are some things to look for in a fertility acupuncturist: Continue reading