Tamra Holder, LMT

Massage Therapist

Tamra Holder recently celebrated her sixteenth year as an Oregon licensed Massage Therapist. Having helped thousands of people and given over 14,000 massage-hours, she is hitting her stride!

With years of clinical experience, Tamra Holder gently and effectively helps relieve chronic physical pain and helps patients regain their strength, flexibility, range of motion and vitality after injury or surgery. A long-time student of Judith Aston, Tamra uses her own body mechanics, and a unique spiraling technique to address specific problems with the most accuracy and least amount of tissue compression or discomfort. She works together with clients and as a team, they find simple and easy movement and posture solutions to a current body challenge. After bodywork sessions, clients often remark how they move differently, more comfortably, and feel a delightful sense of ease and joy in moving; a kind of “homecoming.”

It was through her personal journey with peri-menopause complicating fertility that Tamra set upon her path of interest in women’s health and became curious about how she might help women using massage therapy. Then, through the transformational throws of menopause, her greatest perceived weakness became her gift as a highly sensitive, empathic intuitive. Her passion is to help women move through each phase of life gaining a greater connection to and trust for the wisdom of their bodies. She draws upon her extensive yoga teacher training and years of personal practice along with massage training in Mercier Therapy for fertility, visceral manipulation and pelvic floor health. Tamra creates a safe space for women to heal, grow, reclaim their creative-regenerative capacities, their voice and more as they move into harmony with their true nature and the forces of the earth.

When Tamra’s not giving massage, she enjoys yoga and meditation, sharing meals with friends, gardening, cooking and walks in Portland neighborhoods.

We are so happy to have Tamra Holder at Blossom Clinic. You can schedule a massage or prenatal massage with Tamra Holder on Tuesdays or Sundays. Gift Cards for her services are also available. Tamra is an independent contractor at Blossom.