Lisa Hulick, LMT

Massage Therapist

Congratulations to Lisa for being nominated by her peers as one of Portland Monthly's TOP DOCS for 2022!

A 20+ year massage therapy practitioner, Lisa Hulick’s goal has always been to provide profound relaxation while also deeply and skillfully relieving tension and pain throughout the body.

Lisa’s touch is magical. From the first moment that her hands make contact with her clients, they can feel her ability to sense and soothe in the perfect way needed that day. Lisa Hulick aims to give the level of quality she would desire from a massage and goes above and beyond in each of her sessions to ensure her clients leave feeling light, reset, and cared for from head to toe.

Whether she’s holding space with a silent session or listening from the heart and discussing her client’s inquiries on the body or life, Lisa’s love for her work and each client is clear.

Lisa Hulick, LMT, is an Independent Contractor at Blossom Clinic. Schedule with Lisa here.