Jes Stobaugh

admin specialist

Blossom Clinic welcomes Jes Stobaugh July 2022!

Originating from Utah, Jes Stobaugh found her way to Portland to study acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  Drawing from her roots strongly centered around nature, Jes discovered this way of healing and being to be a natural fit.  In her free time, Jes focuses on being active through rock climbing, trail running, skiing, and exploring the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest.  When she isn’t outside or studying, Jes can also be found in her studio working on music production.  After finding healing from complex and long-standing health experiences through acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Jes has a true passion for this medicine and hopes to help others find relief. Jes will be working the desk Wednesdays and Thursdays at Blossom Clinic