5 Pack
with Lisa Hulick

Massage Package of 5 with Lisa- 10% Discount

We have a Massage Package for you to enjoy for yourself or as a gift to another. Massage at Blossom Clinic is both therapeutic and relaxing.

Lisa’s touch is magical. From the first moment her hands make contact with her clients, they can feel her ability to sense and soothe in the perfect way needed that day. A 20-year practitioner of massage therapy, Lisa’s goal has always been to provide profound relaxation while also deeply and skillfully relieving tension and pain throughout the body.

This package is an overall 10% discount for massage with Lisa Hulick, LMT. She sees patients on  Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

B Vitamin
5 Pack
with Dr. Nye

B Vitamin Injection Package- 33% Discount!

This B Vitamin Injection package is a 33% discount on the normal price when you purchase a package of 5 with Dr. Haylee Nye!

Start out the new year with a series of vitamin B12 shots. This super-vitamin helps keep winter blues away and will give you that boost of energy we all need when a new year is approaching. Not only can it help you feel amazing, it’s necessary for many functions in our body including making red blood cells, DNA, and building healthy nerve cells.

You may be thinking, “Why shots when I can take it as a supplement?”

A surprising fact is that 20% of women have a hard time absorbing vitamin B12 from their diet or a vitamin because of a common genetic mutation. That means that one in five women have chronically low levels of B12 and don’t even know it!

Are you one in five? Here is a list of some symptoms that could be a sign of inadequate vitamin B12:





Muscle cramps


Insulin resistance



In addition to a genetic mutation, here are some other reasons you may be low in B12:

Taking oral birth control pill

Taking metformin

Not getting enough B Vitamins in your diet

Low stomach acid, which inhibits absorption Inability to transport B12 to the brain

Studies show the best way to achieve optimal stores is through a vitamin B12 injection. This bypasses the complicated digestive process and allows the vitamin to be utilized right away. B12 shots are safe, well tolerated, even in large doses. A package of 5 is the best way to get started to see if B12 shots are right for you! It may take several shots before you feel a big difference. The recommended schedule is: Week 1, Week 2, Week 4, Week 8, Week 12.

If you are pregnant, you will need to consult with the doctor before initiating B12 shots.

A package of 5 is the best way to get started to see if B12 shots are right for you! Feel free to schedule a free phone consultation with Dr. Nye to inquire about this package.


Postpartum Acupuncture for New Moms!

A birthing recovery package for new or current patients.  Enjoy 2 acupuncture sessions in the comfort of your home with Janene Mitchell, L.Ac.  A great gift for new moms! $275*

After the demands of labor and delivery acupuncture is very restorative.  Moxa, a nurturing type of heat therapy, can warm your center and help your body resume its natural rhythms of digestion & elimination while establishing the new cycle of breastfeeding.  These relaxing treatments will help you regain your strength and mobility, especially important if you’ve had a C-section.

We recommend starting about a week after birthing or as soon as you are comfortable.  The sessions are typically a week apart.  Continuing care in office once you’re able to travel is ideal.

This package is for home visits from Janene Mitchell, L.Ac .   New patients will also be eligible to receive a discounted 1st in-office visit.  *For patients living outside the borders of Portland or Milwaukie an additional travel fee may apply.  Please call us if you have any questions about our services.

Please note:  We are sorry, but we are unable to provide this service to residents of Washington due to licensing issues.