Free Fertility Seminar

May 30

Interested in learning more about how Blossom Clinic can help you get pregnant and have a healthy baby? Join us in our monthly Free Fertility Seminar!

This class will be guided by Liz Richards, Fertility Acupuncturist & Owner of Blossom Clinic and Dr. Haylee Nye, Blossom’s resident naturopathic doctor.

In this 90 minute class you will learn:

  • Blossom Clinic’s approach to fertility and prenatal care
  • How we can help you get pregnant and have a healthy baby.
  • Steps you can start taking now towards better fertility.
  • The final 30 minutes will be reserved for a hearty Q&A. All types of questions are welcome!

This class will be held every 3rd Thursday of the month at Blossom Clinic in Portland, OR.

7-8: 30 PM

6/20/19, 7/18/19, 8/15/19, 9/19/19, 10/17/19, 11/21/19, 12/19/19

Interested in signing up? Register for this Free Fertility Seminar here! Live out of town but still interested in learning how to improve your fertility? Sign up for a 30 Minute Fertility Consultation with Liz Richards.

free fertility seminar