“Fertility Help, the Natural Way”: Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic in NW Kids Magazine


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Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic are interviewed on pages 18-20 of the May 2013 NW Kids Magazine


Click here to read “Fertility Help, the Natural Way”, an article by Jenny Duvander in NW Kids May 2013 issue (page 18 & 20).

She discusses the importance of acupuncture, nutrition, massage and relaxation for those trying to conceive.  If you have been diagnosed with infertility or will be getting your body ready for pregnancy, this is a great resource.

Interview with Liz Richards, Owner of Blossom Clinic, Portland, Oregon

Where did you come up with the name “Blossom”?
Blossom has a special connotation to me personally as a women’s heath practitioner.  Being a woman is all about transformation and growth Continue reading

Twin Vaginal Birth: A Mom’s Story

acupuncture laborPregnant with twins?  Did you assume that you would automatically be signed up for a cesarean?  Well, that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with a former patient about her amazing twin vaginal birth with her two boys. Every mom is a super mom no matter how their babies come into the world, but if you desire a vaginal birth with your twins, here is an interview to inspire you.  Click here for an additional twin birth story or click here to see an inspiring video. Continue reading

Planning an IVF? Rebecca Matthews, PhD., Answers Your Questions

Planning an IVF and have questions? Here is an interview with Rebecca Matthews, PhD, author of IVF: A Patient’s Guide. Continue reading

Summer MediClear Cleanse

The MediClear Cleanse is user friendly.  In this cleanse, you eliminate foods that are commonly allergenic or inflammatory for 15 days. Continue reading

Would you like to share your IVF experience in a book?

The letter below is from a friend of ours and the book she is writing is unrelated to Blossom Clinic.


My name is Rebecca Matthews and I am an embryologist at Oregon Reproductive Medicine in Portland Oregon. I’ve been an embryologist for 11 years and also have a PhD in fertility. I would like to use my experience to help others by writing a book about IVF and answering the questions and concerns I commonly hear.

I would like one of the chapters in my book to be personal stories from people who have been through the process. I would love to hear from you regardless of which clinic you went to and whatever the outcome was.

All of this will be in the strictest confidence and you name will never be published.  If interested, please email me:


Yours gratefully,


Pregnant at 44!

ultrasound1Here is an interview with a former patient who was able to conceive against the odds at age 44.

How old were you and what was your FSH when you tried to get pregnant with your second child?  What did the doctors say about this?

–I started trying to conceive my second child when I was 42.  I didn’t seek medical intervention until I was 44.  By this time, my FSH was 10.  It fell to 6 when I took the fertility drug Clomid.  The doctors I consulted were willing to work with me, but they were careful not to raise my expectations.  (I think I surprised them when I called to schedule a prenatal appointment!)

What turned you on to Chinese Medicine?

–After two and a half months with no success on Clomid, I started wondering about other ways to boost my fertility.  I didn’t have any experience with acupuncture, but I was intrigued by what I learned from the Blossom website.  And when I called to schedule an initial consultation with Liz, she recommended two books: Fertility Wisdom by Angela C. Wu and the The Infertility Cure by Randine A. Lewis.  Both of these books include truly inspirational examples of women my age (and older) who relied on Chinese Medicine to achieve successful, healthy pregnancies.

What kind of advice would you give someone who is told that they have a small chance of conceiving on their own?

–Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  Western medicine tends to focus on statistics.  Here is an example of one statistic I encountered when I was thinking about a second child: “A forty year old woman has a less than 10% chance of having a successful pregnancy using her own eggs.”  My doctors also warned me about my elevated risk of miscarriage and chromosomal abnormalities.  By contrast, Liz never gave me the sense that my efforts to conceive and carry a healthy baby were futile.  She counseled me to make some changes in my diet, try herbal supplements, and come in for regular acupuncture sessions.  Less than two months after my first appointment with Liz, I was pregnant.   I am now solidly into my second trimester and expecting a healthy baby boy in January.

Twin Birth Story

twin birth story

Here is an interview with a mom who avoided c-section and had her babies vaginally. I know from personal experience that labor does not always go as planned. The best you can do is have a birth preference, learn everything you can about the birth you desire and then find the support you need to make it happen. I present this Twin Birth Story to inspire and facilitate the process for you. For another Twin Birth Story, click here. 

Q: Did you know early in your pregnancy that you desired a vaginal birth with your twins?

A: In the beginning I thought that the possibility of a vaginal delivery for twins was a long hope. Both my husband and I assumed that we would have to have a c-section whether we wanted one or not. I preferred a vaginal delivery, and learned later that the delivery method would really be decided late in the pregnancy by the position of the babies, my doctor, and us.

Q: What kind of opposition did you face, if any?  Was it hard to find a doctor/hospital that would support you?

A: My doctor had twins by c-section.  In the beginning,  she was vague about the possibility of a vaginal delivery because she wasn’t sure how the babies would be positioned. By the end, she made sure to discuss my preferred methods including delivering the second twin from a breech position if that was the case. She said that only some of the doctors were trained on this delivery method, but that she would make sure to have a doctor come in who could deliver a breech twin or she would come in herself if she was able.

One doctor in the hospital opposed my desire to birth naturally.   I had induced unnaturally, so he didn’t understand why  it was sill important for me to birth naturally. He didn’t listen to me at all and I definitely didn’t want him to deliver my babies. This was my show and he was lucky to be a part of it! Luckily his shift ended before I delivered.

Q: How were the babies positioned by delivery time?

A: By delivery time, I was over 38 weeks along and ready to have the babies. Both babies were presenting head down (vertex) and had been that way for over a month. No signs of labor were coming and I was only a 1.5 cm dilated. My doctor brought up the option of inducing a little early, which had to be backed up by an amniocentesis to ensure the girls’ lungs were fully developed. At the time of the exam, my fluid was a little low and no pockets were big enough to safely test.  My doctor and perinatologist decided that it was time to induce.

Q: Who supported you the most in your decision and during the labor?

A: I had a doula, a friend of mine from high school, who was enlisted to be my voice for my desired labor while in the hospital. My husband also knew of my desired method to birth vaginally. We would defer from the plan only if a presenting health risk developed. The staff at the hospital was mostly behind our plan. We knew that they wanted to place an epidural catheter in case of an emergency c-section came up. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t have to use it unless I had to. The labor and delivery wing was so busy that day that they didn’t come in a check me very much after they broke my water.  As a result I never had an epidural placed and luckily never needed a c-section.

The babies were born vaginally and without the use of medication except for the initial induction with pitocin.

Q: How did you feel afterwards?

A: Tired and sore.  I had a stage two tear which is not uncommon when having babies. I was lucky and didn’t have to push very long, only about 20 minutes. The labor was long at 36 hours though! The first baby took a little work to birth, but the second came very easily. Mostly I was tired and starving. I wanted to eat all the time after I gave birth!

Q: Do you have any advice for a mom wanting to birth her twins vaginally?

A: Have several plans.  I didn’t get too caught up in one method, but hoped for the best and was lucky. Staying relaxed and open really helped us. I found I had strength I never knew I had. Having twins is a great feat in itself and if you lucky enough to be presenting for a vaginal birth then go for it! The rewarding feeling you have afterwards is a glow you can bask in forever. I was so pleased with myself.  My husband still laughs at me for saying only hours after the birth,

“That wasn’t too bad; I could do that again!”

Interview with Liz Richards, Owner of Blossom Clinic, Portland, Oregon

logo 1.5 x 1.75 inches copyWhere did you come up with the name “Blossom”?
The name blossom came to me one night as I was explaining my vision for a clinic to my husband.  It just felt right. I love the idea of something growing and blossoming from the deep ground up.  Every one of us has the potential to be whatever we dream of being.  It is my job to facilitate that growth help people move through change as gracefully as possible. I work hard to set up a good foundation for treatment and then solidify a plan for the future.  It is hard work to break that ground but once that crack is formed, anything is possible.

Blossom also has a special connotation to me personally as a women’s heath practitioner.  Being a woman is all about transformation and growth.  I primarily see patients who are pregnant or trying to conceive. It is an honor to see my female fertility patients get pregnant, bloom into pregnancy, and then grow as a parent.

What types of treatments are offered at Blossom clinic?
Right now Blossom Clinic is providing Acupuncture, Chinese Herbology, Massage, Amma Therapy (Asian Bodywork), and Nutrition consultations.  It is my goal as owner of Blossom to provide the best care within the context of womens health, reproductive health,  and family healthcare.  Whether you are interested in a relaxing massage of an invigorating one, Blossom can provide that.  Interested in doing a cleanse or learning more about foods that are good for you? We would love to chat with you.

The practitioners at Blossom are some of the best in their fields so when you come here, you know that you will be well taken care of.  Each practitioner at Blossom owns their own business and has their own area of specialty.  Blossom is their umbrella, and we are here to help them with the business ends of things so that they can focus on their patients 100%. We offer free phone or in-house consultations and refer patients regularly if we believe we do not have an acupuncturist, practitioner, or massage therapist who is the right fit for you.

Can you tell us about Blossom Blog?
I love Blossom Blog, partially because  I created it all by myself and it is a creative outlet for me.  It is not perfect but I figure if I can reach just one person a day and help them, then I have done my job.  One of my favorite blogs is one in which I interview a mom who had her twins vaginally.  I have had such great feedback about how this helped people realize that they can establish their birth preferences without going straight towards scheduling a C-section. I personally had a c-section and a vaginal birth, and I know that when it comes to labor and delivery, things do not always go as planned.

My goal is not to tell people what is right and wrong, but to empower people and provide food for thought. I love answering the Frequenly Asked Questions about acupuncture and fertility, and I hope to catch people before they are far on the road of trying to conceive.  I think acupuncture in conjunction Assisted Reproductive Technology and on the day of IVF embryo transfer is also very important

Interview with Amy Chitwood Burslem, L.Ac. of Portland Acupuncture Blog

amy chitwoodQ: You have quite the following on your Portland Acupuncture Blog.  What inspired you to start it and how has it transformed over the years?

A: The inspiration for the blog was to inform the general public about the benefits of Chinese Medicine and other natural health modalities. Portland is such a great place for alternative medicine, and is full of so many different and wonderful health care practitioners. It’s important for us to know what our options are.

I began writing posts on Portland Acupuncture Blog when I was still a student at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. It has evolved into a hub of information for people who don’t know a lot about acupuncture, and I hope it’s a good source! The idea is to inform the general public as much as possible about acupuncture and the modalities we use as practitioners of acupuncture. I try to find good links and interesting ideas, but really I just want to reach as much of the population as possible so they are informed of what acupuncture and Chinese medicine can do for them.

Q: Tell me about your business Calm Acupuncture, LLC.

A: I am currently practicing at Whole Family Wellness Center in Southwest Portland, and while my practice has a focus on women’s health and fertility, I also treat pain conditions, and respiratory conditions, such as allergies and asthma. I often incorporate massage techniques into my treatments, and am certified to practice reiki. We have a large herbal pharmacy and can provide specialized formulas designed to help each individual.

Q: What do you love most about what you do?

A: I love helping people. When they walk out of my office and feel better than they did when they came in, I know I did the best I could to help them. Treating patients over time and watching them evolve in the way they care for and treat themselves at a part of the healing process is the best part for me. I believe that healing involves both the practitioner and the patient working together to create balance. I truly enjoy learning from my patients, and sharing my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.