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Nourishing Fertility: An A to Z Guide

Nourishing Fertility: An A-to-Z Guide is an e-book with 37 pages of fertility tips. You can purchase it for only $5.99 in our store!

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In your copy of Nourishing Fertility: An A-to-Z Guide, you will receive over 35 pages of fertility tips from Liz Richards, L.Ac.

Each section, from A-to-Z, in this Nourishing Fertility e-book is filled with fertility tips based on my experience as a fertility acupuncturist and clinic director at Blossom Clinic. The intention of the alphabetical layout is to read one section each day and spend a few minutes reflecting on what you’ve read. I’ve included links for further reading if you feel inclined.

It is really important to me when working with my patients that people are not overwhelmed with too much information all at once. Often fertility patients take a very “yang” or active approach to infertility. I notice this reflected in the titles of blog posts and books, Continue reading

IVF Tips for Patients: Top Ten Things to Do


Liz Richards, L.Ac., MAcOM has been treating fertility patients with Traditional Chinese Medicine in Portland, OR since 2002.  Here are ten IVF tips based on her clinical experience with patients receiving acupuncture at Blossom Clinic while undergoing IVF at Oregon Reproductive Medicine

acupuncture portland oregon1. Begin acupuncture treatments right away:

As a general rule, the way you treat your body three months prior to trying to conceive is more important than anything you can do right now to boost your fertility and increase your chances of getting pregnant. This has been a clinical observation of mine for years, and I am lucky enough to have colleagues who are now documenting this statistically with clinical research.

Most of our patients visit us weekly, and as they reach their goals, the visits taper down. We recommend a minimum of three menstrual cycles of treatment for both women’s and men’s fertility support.

To find the practitioner that is right for you, here are some things to look for in a fertility acupuncturist: Continue reading

“Fertility Help, the Natural Way”: Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic in NW Kids Magazine


fertility help

Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic are interviewed on pages 18-20 of the May 2013 NW Kids Magazine


Click here to read “Fertility Help, the Natural Way”, an article by Jenny Duvander in NW Kids May 2013 issue (page 18 & 20).

She discusses the importance of acupuncture, nutrition, massage and relaxation for those trying to conceive.  If you have been diagnosed with infertility or will be getting your body ready for pregnancy, this is a great resource.

Acupuncture Reviews for Blossom Clinic in Portland, OR

Acupuncture Reviews for Blossom Clinic

Fertility Enhancement:

Just What we needed!!!. My wife and I had been trying for some time to get pregnant to no avail. We decided to look into the Acupuncture route for increased fertility, At a friends suggestion (who had enjoyed success using their service ) we went to Blossom. Today we heard our soon to be babies heartbeat for the first time!! Our experience at Blossom was professional , pleasant and informative , and most important of all SUCESSFUL!! Big Thanks to all the staff at Blossom! CM

Continue reading

Guided Imagery and Fertility: Setting Intention

infertility support groups portlandGuided Imagery and Fertility: Setting Intention

When I perform acupuncture, I choose different points for different times of the month to help facilitate the body’s natural rhythms.  For example, around the time of ovulation I will choose points that stimulate the ovaries and bring blood flow to that area.  Some of these points have been used for thousands of years.  However, when doing acupuncture, it is not only the function of the point that is important.  One of the most important parts of acupuncture, in my opinion, is the acupuncturist’s intention.  So around the time of ovulation, not only will I needle a point known for stimulating ovulation, I will also visualize in my mind what a follicle looks like when it is releasing an egg.

We say in Chinese Medicine,

Where the mind goes, the Qi goes.

If we can use our mind and direct our breath to various parts of the body, we can bring our qi there as well.  I think about this every time I needle.  I needle with intention.

I  like to encourage my patients to visualize what is going on inside their bodies as well. Here are some links to help you visualize both ovulation and embryo implantation.


Here is a great video from Mayo Clinic demonstrating ovulation.

Embryo Implantation:

After IVF embryo transfer or around the time of implantation 6-12 days post ovulation, I like to visualize what an embryo looks like when it is embedding itself into the uterine wall.  What amazes me most about this process is the synergy between the embryo and the blood vessels of the uterus, how they seemingly communicate with each other.

This is a great video, called Life’s Greatest Miracle, from showing development from the embryonic stage forward. And here is a fabulous video, From Conception to Birth by Alexander Tsiaras.

If you have any other videos or pictures to share, please let me know!

Liz Richards, L.Ac.



Why I Rarely Use the Word “Infertility” to Describe My Fertility Patients

Contributed by Liz Richards, L.Ac., Practitioner of Oriental Medicine since 2002 in Portland, Oregon.  

Today a patient on the table told me a story of a receptionist at another clinic repetitively using the word infertility during her phone conversation about their services. She was really turned off by this. While my patient was speaking, I was reminded of how I rarely use the word infertility in my work, on my website, and in my blog post writings.  Now, while I acknowledge that I would probably get more search hits to my website if I did use the word infertility, I have for years avoided it.  Instead I speak of fertility, fertility enhancement and sometimes even pre-fertility or sub-fertility. Continue reading

Fertility Story: Infertility, Loss and Hope Against All Odds

At 37 years old Lisa had crafted a meaningful, interesting life. In addition to being happily married she was professionally fulfilled. A psychotherapist, she helped clients overcome trauma and move forward with their lives.

But something still felt like it was missing. Continue reading

Interview with Liz Richards, Owner of Blossom Clinic, Portland, Oregon

Where did you come up with the name “Blossom”?
Blossom has a special connotation to me personally as a women’s heath practitioner.  Being a woman is all about transformation and growth Continue reading

Male Infertility and Acupuncture in Portland, Oregon

male infertility acupunctureMuch of fertility is focused around women, however not all infertility is due to the womanʼs body.   Many procedures that women undergo can be costly and invasive, all the more reason to look at the male to make sure he is also healthy.  Being aware of male reproductive capacities is an important part of increasing your chance of conceiving.  There are some simple but effective actions that men can take to increase their chance of success.  Male fertility is measured by sperm number, quality and motility.  Sperm takes around 90 days to develop from creation to ejaculation so treatment is a long-term plan that requires consistency.

Pre-natal vitamins for men?

One simple action for men is to take a multi vitamin that includes anti-oxidants like zinc and selenium.  Zinc is important for sperm count and motility while selenium helps with motility.  Food sources of these vitamins include nuts, almonds and pumpkin seeds for zinc and brazil nuts for selenium.  Vitamin C has benefits for it’s antioxidant effects especially in smokers who have agglutination (think sticky) problems (i.).  Also, essential fatty acids are beneficial for membrane quality and energy production. Continue reading