Infertility Around the Holidays: How to Cope


Holidays Infertility Support GroupInfertility Around the Holidays: How to Cope

The Holidays are again upon us and for those dealing with infertility it can be a less than joyful time. While those around are celebrating with family and friends and one’s own family wants you to join in, the holidays can magnify even more the sadness felt at not having a child of one’s own. Gatherings are numerous and often focused on children. The end of the year can accentuate another year marked with no baby.

What are some ways to cope with this?

1. Give yourself permission to acknowledge that this is stressful and you are not being a Scrooge.

2. Identify your “A” team of family and/or friends who “get it” and can be supportive and spend more time with them. Identifying your “A” team is something many of my clients find helpful all year-long. There may be people in your lives who are good and well-meaning but say or do things that can be unintentionally painful. Maybe they are on the “B” or “C” Team because they care about you but don’t understand the things to say or do regarding infertility.

3. If invited to a Holiday gathering, you may not really know whether you can face going until that very day/evening. People cancel at the last-minute for lots of reasons and so can you. Or, if you decide to give it a try, and you are part of a couple, have a prearranged signal that you give to one another when one of you absolutely must leave. Stay close to each other while at the gathering to be mutually supportive.

4. Perhaps, instead of the usual round of holiday parties, you go off this year to some place by yourselves. Reassure your family that you’re not changing family tradition forever; you just need to take care of yourselves this year. Pamper yourselves. It could be something as big as a trip to Hawaii, or as simple as a weekend at a Bed and Breakfast.

5. Consider taking the month off trying to get pregnant. This can be difficult when you are feeling a time crunch but consider it a gift to yourselves to enjoy lovemaking and time together with no pressure.

6. Men and women often have different ways of coping. Remember that no one way is the “right” way and try to be accepting of difference. A good example, which I often see in my practice, is that men cope by wanting to hold on to whatever is “normal” in life. They want to go to all the parties and “enjoy” the holidays after months of disappointment. Women find holiday parties loaded with “danger” of talk of pregnancies and children and cope by trying to avoid them.  Respect each other’s way of coping and talk in an accepting way towards a compromise.

This post was contributed by Anne Korpi Dolan, LCSW, DCSW. Anne has more than 25 years working in this field, including leading groups for RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association. She can be reached at 1-617-650-3732


Job Opportunities : Blossom Clinic

job opportunities Naturopathic Doctor Massage Therapist job opening portland oregon Blossom Clinic is a well established natural health clinic in Portland, Oregon that specializes in Women’s Health, fertility and pregnancy. We currently have two job opportunities: We are looking for a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT).

We are in need of dynamic team members who are comfortable working with multiple modalities. Blossom Clinic currently has two acupuncturists and one massage therapist. These job opportunities are high referral positions. We are currently turning patients away for Naturopathic care and massage.

ND Position: The ideal ND candidate will be available a minimum of 2 days per week. Primary job responsibilities include ordering labs, analyzing hormones, dispensing appropriate herbs/ supplements, and offering nutrition advice to our primarily female patients. You must be able to collaborate with practitioners of multiple modalities.

LMT Position: The ideal LMT will be available a minimum of 2 days per week. Practitioner must be experienced in pregnancy massage. Fertility or Mayan Abdominal Massage skills are a plus.

Blossom Clinic currently has two Job Opportunities for a Naturopathic Doctor and a Massage Therapist

Blossom Clinic currently has job opportunities for a Naturopathic Doctor and a Massage Therapist.

We currently have a lot of hours available in our larger treatment room with natural light.

Available times and days to choose from:

Mondays 8am-8pm
Tuesdays 8am-8pm
Wednesdays 8am-12:30pm
Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-8pm
Sunday 8am-12:30pm

There are multiple way we can structure this with you being an independent contractor at Blossom. The options will depend on whether you are currently on insurance panels and doing independent billing. Blossom Clinic is a fee-for-service clinic.

Please send résumé and cover letter to We look forward to hearing from you!

Portland Massage Discount: $20 OFF

Portland Massage Discount: $20 off!

Living and practicing in New York City since 2003, Lisa Hulick has now returned to her second home of Portland to continue offering massage and doula services in Portland.

Portland Massage discount

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She began practicing massage in 1999 after completing her training at the Oregon School of Massage while finishing her undergraduate studies at Lewis and Clark College.

In 2003, she moved back to NYC to be close to her family, help care for her newest nephew and attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In 2005, she spent 6 months in Pune, India apprenticing with an Ayurvedic doctor, learning traditional therapeutic massage. Upon her return, she completed a 300-hour yoga teacher training with Kelly Morris and several years of Tibetan Buddhist studies with the Yoga Studies Institute, going on to teach yoga, meditation and Buddhist philosophy in some of the most beautiful and respected yoga studios in NYC and Brooklyn. She completed prenatal teacher trainings through Ma Yoga and PURE and went on to create her own prenatal teacher training program for the Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training.

In 2013, she Founded MOM by LJ, a boutique doula practice providing pregnancy, labor, childbirth and postpartum care, combining her passion for prenatal care, yoga, massage and nutrition.

She is known for her caring, grounded touch and support and is thrilled to be joining the team at Blossom.

Portland Monthly Top Docs 2016- Congratulations Liz Richards & Lori Reising

Liz Richards Acupuncture Blossom Clinic Portland Top Docs Portland Monthly 2015 2016

Blossom Clinic owner and acupuncturist, Liz Richards, has been peer nominated as one of Portland Monthly’s TOP DOCS for 2016 in the Acupuncture category. Congratulations Liz!

Continue reading

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“Fertility Help, the Natural Way”: Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic in NW Kids Magazine


fertility help

Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic are interviewed on pages 18-20 of the May 2013 NW Kids Magazine


Click here to read “Fertility Help, the Natural Way”, an article by Jenny Duvander in NW Kids May 2013 issue (page 18 & 20).

She discusses the importance of acupuncture, nutrition, massage and relaxation for those trying to conceive.  If you have been diagnosed with infertility or will be getting your body ready for pregnancy, this is a great resource.

Before and After Reveal: Getting Healthy Week 2

fertility yogaIn this series of blog posts, I share you my personal month-long effort towards sustainable change and also reveal personal before and after photos.  To get caught up, read Week 1: 28 to Great, Cyber Purging and Meditation

Listening to My Body

As I count the days to DAY 19 on my cute 28 to Great barre3 calendar, I am impressed with myself but also acknowledge how hard the last few days have been.  I’m tired. Despite my B vitamin shot last week with Dr. Elise, all of the great sleep I have been getting from the meditations I have been doing, and all of the amazing food I have been eating at home, I am just plain tired.  Running a business, seeing 20+ patients a week, raising two amazing children and supporting/loving a husband, takes a lot of work.  And a bundle of energy.

Today I took a rest day.  There were multiple times when I *almost* ran errands or sat down to do administrative work, but I made an effort to stay home and do relatively nothing.  And I am going to eat a big fat steak tonight.  I consider myself an intuitive eater and that is what my body wants.  Give me steak or hear me Roar!

An Early Reveal of a “Before” Picture

Ok, so let’s get to it.  I can’t believe I am about to post pictures of myself in a sports bra.  But I am inspired by these ladies on my friend’s Another Mother Runner blog (if they can do it, I can do it).  Also, there is something cool I want to show you.  If you are a secret anatomy geek like me, you will probably find it cool too!

What I didn’t mention before was that in one of the “before” pictures, my scoliosis was so apparent, it was shocking to me. I kept on taking the picture over and over again to see if it was the way I was standing. But I was crooked despite the fact that I felt like I was standing balanced on two feet!


28 to great BEFORE picture


Check me out on day 1.

The picture I show here was the best of the bunch because I got a little freaked out and deleted the rest.  In this picture, you can see that I am leaning on my left leg more because of my anteriorly rotated pelvis and my right shoulder is higher than my left.

After 16 days of Sadie Lincoln’s 28 To Great, a great yoga workshop with Tiffany Cruikshank and a blow-your-mind massage with Shaney Aalbers, I decided to see if I was still crooked.

28 to great


Check me out here on day 16.

See the difference?  I took a few photos to make sure it wasn’t the angle of the shot, but my body does indeed look longer, leaner and straighter.  My right shoulder isn’t hiking up as high and my pelvis is more balanced.  Yahoo!  I am curious what will happen after a whole month of taking great care of myself. Now, tell me that’s not cool.


One More Thing: The Cyber Purge

Remember last week I mentioned that I unsubscribed from a gazillion email lists?  Well, my inbox is finally clean!

At first I missed all those emails but then I had a realization that I had spent a lot of time browsing emails, clicking links, and exposing myself to consumerism in excess.  For instance, every time I clicked open that Pottery Barn email I would think,

Oh, I want that.  I want this.

And then I would see the price, dream for a second or two longer and then feel bad and think,

I can’t have.

By exposing myself to all of those emails, I was constantly subjecting myself to the negative feelings that they elicited and this repetitive thought loop. Releasing myself of that exposure has been freeing on so many levels.

My recommendation is to unsubscribe to those emails. Recycle those catalogs. You know where to go when you need or want something. You do not need to be reminded of it every day.

That’s all for now.  See you next week!



Pelvic Therapy for Women Portland, OR

Written By Lori Reising, CHT, LMT, Myofascial Release and Pelvis Therapy Massage Therapist at Blossom Clinic

fertility massage and bodywork portland oregonYou are probably thinking about how uncomfortable “PelvicTherapy” sounds about right now.  It is a typical reaction to the thought of this direct therapy.  But not mine…anymore.  I admit I was nervous and wondering what to expect before I received treatment for the first time.  A fear of the unknown, if you will.  While completing my certification in Internal Pelvic Therapy with John F. Barnes, PT, I was fortunate enough to receive the therapy for four consecutive days.  Prior to this, I had been in extreme low back and hip pain triggered by a miscarriage three years earlier.  There were many days I could not even stand on both legs.  I had tried external Massage Therapy, Acupuncture and Chiropractic with temporary results.  Though I truly believe in every one of these therapies and think a comprehensive holistic approach is most beneficial, it was obvious I needed something more.  On the third day of the course, during an internal piriformis release my low back spontaneously adjusted while I was lying on the table.  That was one of the most satisfying adjustments I had ever felt.  Within two days my pain was gone!  I have been standing on my own two legs ever since.  I experienced first-hand the kind of powerful results working with the pelvic floor internally produces. Continue reading

28 to Great, Cyber Purging, Meditation and Exercise: Week 1

Barre3’s 28 to Great, Cyber Purging, Meditation and Exercise

contributed by Liz Richards, L.Ac., owner of Blossom Clinic

stress and acupunctureI started out the New Year on a roll.  I engaged in what I call Cyber Purging: I blocked a person on facebook who continuously posted negative diatribes that verged on paranoia and I unsubscribed myself from nearly 40 emails lists that clogged my inbox.  I was so inspired by this that I decided to challenge myself to greater physical and mental health in 2013.

I am an acupuncturist and live a relatively healthy life, but I have recently slipped into some bad habits and my sleep has been terrible.  So I decided to challenge myself to even greater health in the New Year.   In this series of blog posts, I will take you through my month-long effort towards sustainable change. Continue reading