“Fertility Help, the Natural Way”: Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic in NW Kids Magazine


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Liz Richards, L.Ac. and Lori Reising, LMT of Blossom Clinic are interviewed on pages 18-20 of the May 2013 NW Kids Magazine


Click here to read “Fertility Help, the Natural Way”, an article by Jenny Duvander in NW Kids May 2013 issue (page 18 & 20).

She discusses the importance of acupuncture, nutrition, massage and relaxation for those trying to conceive.  If you have been diagnosed with infertility or will be getting your body ready for pregnancy, this is a great resource.

From Habit to Ritual: Getting Healthy Week 3

getting healthy In this series of blog posts, I share you my personal effort towards sustainable change.  To get caught up, read Week 1: Cyber Purging, Meditation and Exercise and Getting Healthy Week 2/3: Listening to my Body and An Early Reveal of a “Before” Picture

For me, it was time to listen to that little voice in my head that was speaking the truth.  Here is one thing I know for sure:

When you do not listen to that little voice in your head, your body will scream at you in some way.

You might get a flare up of back pain, regular migraines, fatigue, hives or if you are like me it might manifest in sore throats and psoriasis.  Your body will let you know!  In some ways, you are lucky that your body does this because you can see what you are doing to yourself and hopefully wake up.  I share this blog post with you because I want you to know that you can absolutely set intention and make changes in your life.  When I ended 2012 with the intention to make change, I focused on diet (eliminating wheat and coffee), exercise (barre3 and yoga) and sleep.  I ended up making the best change of all in the end.  I started somewhere and ended up in an unexpected place with truth and peace in my heart.

In 2009, my sister went into labor prematurely with triplets at 23 weeks gestation due to a detached placenta (exactly four years ago today).  She had been to the emergency room for abdominal pain a couple of days earlier and was sent home with “gas pains”.  When she started bleeding and was admitted to the hospital, she was faced with the decision of how to terminate the pregnancy.  Something in her blood levels miraculously changed and she was given the option of delivering the babies via C-section.  Babies are not usually revived before 24 weeks but they made an exception for her babies born one day short of that marker.  My sister was on the operating room table for hours and almost died.  She had about 8 pints of blood transfused into her body.  When I heard the news on the phone that she was having the babies I cried, “It’s too early!! Mom, they are not going to make it!” Continue reading

HypnoBirthing Portland: 5-week course at Blossom Clinic

HypnoBirthing Portland: 5-week course at Blossom Clinic 

Classes include textbook, rainbow relaxation CD and a rewarding experience for you, your partner and your baby. Cost is $325 for 5 weeks. Class series begin regularly so give us a call! 5032870886

hypnobirthing portlandHypnoBirthing ® is a rewarding, relaxing, stress-free method of birthing that is based on the belief that all babies should come into the world in an atmosphere of gentility, calm and joy. When a mother is properly prepared for birthing physically, mentally, and spiritually, she can experience that sort of joy, birthing her baby is an easier, more comfortable and often, even pain-free manner. Through a well-thought-out program of deep relaxation, self-hypnosis, and education, HypnoBirthing ® returns to a woman the art of birthing in a way that allows her to summon her natural birthing instincts and to birth her baby in safety and with ease. In HypnoBirthing ® the birth companion is an integral part of the birthing process, enhancing the entire bonding experience. Continue reading

Surviving Stillbirth and Loss: Josh and Kat’s Story


Surviving Stillbirth and Loss: Josh and Kat’s Story

At 38 years old Kat and her husband, Josh, welcomed twins into their family. The Portland couple’s story to parenthood began five years ago, however, and took them through a series of disappointments and even tragedy before they found a happy ending.

Kat was never the kind of woman who felt her clock ticking. Infertility was a foreign thought.

But when she and her husband, Josh, had difficulty conceiving Kat found herself setting out on an unexpected journey, which ultimately led her to Oregon Reproductive Medicine and Blossom Clinic in Portland, Oregon.

“When it was explained to me what my chances really were-the reality of it-it was shocking, and I wasn’t prepared to accept it,” she said. “I’m the kind of person that when someone tells me something is not possible I am going to do whatever I can to prove them wrong.

“Still, I didn’t know so much of this is based on luck. I started to wonder how anyone over 18 years old ever gets pregnant.”

Kat’s doctors didn’t have any answers. Even though they told her it was better not to know what was causing complications than face an insurmountable obstacle; their words, she said, felt like cold comfort. Continue reading

Twin Vaginal Birth: A Mom’s Story

acupuncture laborPregnant with twins?  Did you assume that you would automatically be signed up for a cesarean?  Well, that doesn’t have to be the case for you.

I recently had the opportunity to chat with a former patient about her amazing twin vaginal birth with her two boys. Every mom is a super mom no matter how their babies come into the world, but if you desire a vaginal birth with your twins, here is an interview to inspire you.  Click here for an additional twin birth story or click here to see an inspiring video. Continue reading

Postpartum Acupuncture


postpartum acupunctureAcupuncture and Oriental Medicine have considerable value in helping a woman nourish herself after pregnancy and child birth.  Treating a new mom in the partpartum time is important for the whole family. In Chinese Medicine theory we employ a five phase model where we use the mother to treat the child. This takes on whole new meaning when applied to real women and their children. Women who feel better are more present for themselves and their newborn.

Continue reading

Summer MediClear Cleanse


The MediClear Cleanse is user friendly.  In this cleanse, you eliminate foods that are commonly allergenic or inflammatory for 15 days. Continue reading

Acupressure for labor preparation

acupuncture labor I often refer my pregnant patients to the website of Debra Betts, an acupuncturist in New Zealand who is an expert in Chinese Medicine during pregnancy and labor.  She has an amazing PDF of Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief which I give patients for labor preparation.

Not only do we utilize acupressure for labor preparation, but we use acupuncture too. Usually, my patients have acupuncture treatments beginning at around 34 weeks to prepare for their labor. I find that the patients who come in weekly leading up to labor have less interventions during labor if that is what they desire.

If there is a breech baby, they begin treatment ideally at 34 weeks so that we can attempt to turn the baby before it descends into the pelvic cavity.  We do this treatment in combination with Optimal Fetal Position exercises.  If you are in your third trimester, I encourage you to visit her website.

Many Blessings,
Liz Richards, L.Ac.


Infant Massage Workshop Nov. 14th & 21st in Portland, Oregon

massage class for parents and children ages 0-4

Infant massage is a great way to build the bond between parents and their children. Massage teaches your baby relaxation at a young age, an important tool that your baby can use throughout his or her life.  By spending more one-on-one time with your baby during massage you will be able to recognize your baby’s cues more quickly.

Some of the Benefits of Baby Massage:

*Increases Bonding Between Baby & Parent/Caregiver

*Builds Trust with Baby & Parent/Caregiver

*Increases Circulation & Nutrients Being Absorbed

*Increases the Immune System

*Relieves Discomforts From Teething, Gas, Colic, & Constipation

Ages: Birth to 4 years


Sunday November 14th 10-11 am: Getting Started, Legs, Face & Tummy

Sunday November 21st 10-11 am: Arms, Back, Stretching & Putting it all Together!


Blossom Clinic
3135 NE 15th Ave Suite A (Fremont and 15th)


$125  All Supplies Included

Lead By:

Tiffany Ueltschi, LMT, CIMI, Doula

To Register:

Please Call Blossom Clinic at 503.287.0886 or email theblossomclinic@gmail.com

*Please Note: Massage Workshops are limited to 5 parent/child pairs. Additional workshops will be added depending on interest. Twins very welcome!

My Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC) Story

My VBAC Story by Liz Richards, L.Ac.

VBAC Vaginal birth after c-section I gave birth to my second son, Leo, on Mother’s Day 2007 via VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean).  In this society, where the c-section rates in hospitals are high and rising, having a VBAC is indeed a big accomplishment. Most of the time when I tell people that I had a VBAC, they look at me with surprise.  People do not realize that you can have a vaginal birth after c-section.  There is a misconception that there is danger around this.  To honor Mother’s Day today, I reflect on my VBAC experience and would like to share a little of my story with you.

During both pregnancies, I carried my babies in the posterior position (face up or “sunny side-up”).  In the posterior position, babies are more difficult to birth due to the inability of the cranial bones to cross over as they do in a normal birth with the baby face down, or anterior.

With my first son, his head was also asynclitic, meaning that it was tilted to the side and not in line with the birth canal.  I had the cards stacked against me and I ended up with c-section after 52 hours of labor. I made the mistake in all of my birth prep of not reading one thing about c-sections.  I am not sure if it would have reduced the grief I had felt afterwards, but maybe I would have been better prepared for it.  I was devastated afterwards.

This is how my first labor went: I went 41 hours with no drugs and dilated to 10 cm with a lip.  My cervix swelled and went back down to 6 cm.  When they prepped me for the c-section,  the epidural was so strong it numbed my diaphragm so that I could not breathe.  It was probably one of the darkest time of my life.  After the birth I was exhausted and my milk didn’t come in for five days.  We had to supplement with formula through a tube attached to my breast, which was difficult considering he was also attached to a machine with lights for jaundice.  All of the additional tubes were not what I had desired, to say the least.

It wasn’t until my second pregnancy that I could really start working through the grief from the first birth.

During my second pregnancy,  you can believe me when I say that I tried everything to get my baby to turn. I swam, sat on birthing balls instead of chairs, did acupuncture & moxibustion (which works incredibly well for breech babies), and even crawled on my hands and knees down the stairs, which is an amazing feat in itself!

During the second pregnancy I joined an online support group called ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network).  Being a part of the Yahoo ICAN support group online helped me realize that there were women all over the country being coerced into c-sections when they could have most likely had a healthy vaginal delivery. It was astounding to hear story after story of women in small towns (and big cities) being misinformed and/or scheduled for a c-section due to the doctor’s schedule.

Realizing that my c-section was not forced upon me helped me heal a little. In the end I realized that I had not failed, nor had the labor failed me.  It also gave me hope that many women were having VBACs and that it was completely safe for me to try and have a vaginal birth.  I worked towards recreating my birth story with the help of Kristen Olberz, nurse and Certified Hypnotherapist, here in Portland, OR.

VBAC Story I am proud to say that in the end, after 17 hours of hard labor, I birthed my baby sunny-side-up.  I pushed him out with his face looking right up at me!  I do not think that I could have succeeded at my VBAC without the amazing midwife and nurses at Emanuel Hospital here in Portland.  They were right there with me the whole time.  I was so happy that it was actually happening.  When the huge crowd of nurses and doctors walked in, ready to help receive the baby, my husband and I looked at each other like, “It is really happening?!?”- we couldn’t believe it.

In the end the physical recovery was more difficult after the vaginal birth due to the pelvic stretching that had to happen to push out my OP baby.  But the psychological recovery was worlds away from the first time with my c-section.  I was so happy!  I have so many fond memories of my laying-in period with Leo snuggled in the crook of my arm. My milk came in easily and I was able to rest at home soon after the birth.

It took us a week to name our baby and in the end we named him Leonardo Victor.  I want him to know when he is older that his mom was strong like a lion when she gave birth to him and that he came into the world victorious!

Contributed by Liz Richards, Acupuncturist and Owner of Blossom Clinic.