Liz Richards, L.Ac, M.Ac.OM, Acupuncturist, Clinic Director

Liz Richards Acupuncture Portland

Congratulations to Liz Richards, L.Ac. for be voted as one of Portland’s Top Acupuncturists in Portland Monthly’s Top Docs 2015, 2016 & 2017! In practice since 2002, Liz is known for her compassion, connection to her patients, and process-oriented approach. 

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Liz Richards, the inspired owner of Blossom Clinic and Liz Richards Acupuncture, PC, has more than 14 years of practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine and treating fertility and pregnant patients in Portland.

Passion drives her work and led her to create the Blossom Clinic where she and her team of practitioners can provide excellent care for the whole family through a variety of specialty health fields.

Western Medicine, said Liz, is a “vigorous and imaginative journey towards investigating the human body and mind piece by piece,” but Eastern Medicine is the practice of “putting it all back together again.”

She blends her knowledge of Western and Chinese Medicine with a deep intuition to create a healing and trustworthy space.  The practitioner-patient relationship is a dynamic one for Liz, who works with you to design an effective treatment plan.  She approaches her work as a true art and infuses the poetry of acupuncture into treatment sessions.

Liz Richards is a 1996 graduate of Cornell University where she earned  a BS in Human Development & Family Studies and pre-medical sciences.  She was awarded a National Institute of Health scholarship from its Minority International Research Training program to investigate medicinal plant usage in the Yucatan.

She also earned a masters degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

Liz Richards is a member of RESOLVE National Infertility Association, and National Association of Reproductive Medicine. She is licensed in the states of Oregon and California.

“Liz Richards, Blossom Clinic acupuncturist, is nothing short of a miracle worker. She has an intuitive grasp of women’s health and treatments, and her compassion and passion are always evident in her care. We absolutely credit her treatments with the successful conception and birth of our first child following fertility issues and loss. She was with us all the way, even accompanying us to perform acupuncture prior to embryo implantation during our IVF cycle (which, despite great odds, resulted in the birth of my amazing son). I would recommend Liz Richards and Blossom Clinic wholeheartedly for restorative health and personalized, compassionate care, especially in the areas of women’s health and fertility.” D.C.. Portland, OR